Let hhe BE the Hairline for You

Question: Ladies, What is one of the most important things you have to keep looking fly on a daily basis? That’s a no brainer right?  You would say your hair, hands down. Well here at BE Magazine we got the chance to talk to one of the founders of HHE Hairline Robert Errold Scott. If you want weave and extensions, but you want it to BE 100% remi & virgin hair then we advise you to read this interview and BE prepared to take notes, BEcause what you are about to read will blow you away.

BE Magazine here on the line with one of the founders who is genius especially when you talk about something that is a necessity and in demand, so I’m going to let you speak for yourself and tell us a little about your product.

Robert: Hi, how are you doing I’m Robert Errold Scott from Human Hair Express BEtter known as HHE and pretty much what it is, is I am the Co-CEO, Co-Partner, & founder of Human Hair Express and what we do is we sell human hair for extensions and for weaves.

BE Magazine: Seeing that this is such a huge market for what you guys are doing and obviously for the hair products for the African American community; what made you guys get into selling hair extensions and human hair at that?

Robert: Well first, the black hair industry is a multi-billion dollar annual business and BEing said as individuals we really have no market share at all, so it’s very important for us to try and balance the skills.

BE Magazine: So you all are an international brand right?

Robert: Yes, actually we made history we’re the first international corporation that imports human hair for weave that’s owned and operated by black males.

BE Magazine: Definitely and for people that want to go ahead and either pick up a pack and all of that; where are you guys sell it out of and distribute?

Robert: Well the first thing people can do is go to www.humanhairexpress.com and they can go right into our store and you can purchase with all master credit cards. Also we are doing a worldwide tour in which we are going to all of the major hair shows and we’re also having upscale mixers, we will have tequila and tresses series that we are doing at high-end salons in the top 3 salons in every major city, where you can come out and touch the hair, feel it, and purchase the hair on the spot.

BE Magazine: Are you still looking for an international spokesmodel?

Robert: Yes, Absolutely HHE is looking for Her… we are definitely looking for the international spokesmodel, the winner will be announced at the Bronner Brothers Weekend in August in Atlanta.

BE Magazine: Definitely, so for people who want to hit you all up on twitter and facebook how can we find you?

Robert: We have our fan page on FaceBook of course… it’s Human Hair Express, LLC. www.facebook.com/humanhairexpress and twitter at www.twitter.com/hheHAIR

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