#iHeartNY: Byron Lars Fall/Winter 2011 Fashion Show

Fashion icon Byron Lars and his Beauty Mark line dubbed his fall 2011 collection “Native Americana” and his models and fashions certainly lived up to the hype. But this should BE no surprise – we featured the designer and his “Style Suite” fashions during Fashion Night Out and Spring/Summer 2011 fashion week in September 2010. In fact, Mr. Lars has been doing his thing for two decades now – often noted for his out-of-the-box thinking and craftsmanship.

“This collection began with a visit to the Native American Museum in New York where, I became so inspired by the displays of tribal vestment that I wanted to capture some of that spirit in these clothes,” says Lars. “There was an exaltation of nature in every single displayed article, whether it be a dress embroidered with porcupine quills or a seed beaded dagger sheath. In keeping with this sensibility, I tried to employ design elements that give the impression of things found from the land that have either been handcrafted or that have grown from the earth naturally into sportswear.”

The atmosphere was certainly the visual representation of what was described – a penthouse overlooking Lincoln Center was a decidedly clever choice – and the space was designed to represent the woodsy, autumn Native American landscape to near perfection. Check out the decor and the fashions BElow.

For more information on Byron Lars, visit http://www.byronlarsbeautymark.com [Photos by Remington Jackson]

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