#iHEARTNY: Sachika Twins “The Awakening of a Swan” [SNEAK PEEK]

The Sachika Twins’ “The Awakening of a Swan” MBFW Show just wrapped & I don’t think we could’ve ended #iHEARTNY with a bigger bang! This show was absolutely amazing showing off some of the BEst designs we’ve seen all week. These ladies used a brilliant color scheme with lots of BEdazzling outfits that appeared to glow all over the runway.

Aubrey O’Day, David Banner, Jennifer Williams (Basketball Wives), June Ambrose, Karina Pasian, Adrienne Bailon (3LW/Cheetah Girls), Angelina Pivarnick (Jersey Shore), and a gang of NY’s finest socialites and fashionistas were in attendance to show the Sachika Twins support on their BIG day. After the show, Angelina’s boo even dropped down on one knee to propose…you’ll have to await my next video to see her response!!!!

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