#iHEARTNY: Kati Stern Presents Venexiana MBFW

Designer Kati Stern presented the Fall/Winter 2011 version of her Venexiana line in an evening show that featured marquee names in fashion such as runway specialist Miss J Alexander from America’s Next Top Model.

Kati’s line is actually one of the BEst we’ve seen so far during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week 2011! Her excellent use of bright colors and mixed patterns not only shocked the crowd, but had us all waiting to see what would come out next. kati was also one of the only designers to hit the runway herself & have lots of fun basking in her moment of success. Kudos to Kati and her BEautiful line!!!!

For more info on Venexiana and Kati Stern, visit http://www.katisternvenexiana.com/ [Photo Credit: Remington Jackson]

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