iLLite is a native rapper from Detroit booming the airwaves with his wicked wordplay that’s brought him much deserved recognition and credibility in the hip hop industry; & quite frankly, he’s BEcoming a lyrical menace. The difference BEtween him and the rest is he’s BEen influenced by more than just the hip hop genre, he’s willing to take the risks in this mass music industry that’s sure to put him out on a limb that everyone can see. “I’m not opposed to working with anybody in the industry”.

iLLite’s debut was back in 2001 with Onebelo (pronounced One BElow) Waterworld, Slum village who got the word out on this rapper and the reviews he needed to take the next step. iLLite draws his lyrics from personal experience and lives by the motto of “I feed off inspiration”. He’s currently working on a mixtape right now called Champion which is currently out and avaiable on and iLLite is not only on top of his music game, but his entrepreneurship skills are on point as well. In 2008, he co-founded Kic Sounds with fellow artist FES ROC along with D-Roc and Zhao-S. In 2009 he successfully secured a deal with Baby Paul’s D.O.E. (Divine Order Entertainment) label.

We all know that it’s “cold in the D”, and rappers often times don’t get their appropriate time to shine, nevertheless, iLLite has the knowledge, love, and passion for his craft and knows what he wants to BEcome. Plan on seeing lots of iLLite in the near future as he plots his rise to the top of the rap chain, he’s sure to BE a force worth watching.


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