Industry Rising Stars: Eli Isaiah

Every child has dreams of being famous when they grow up. Some decide to take actions towards it, as others allow those dreams to die. Eli Isaiah is a prime example of a dream chaser. With his love for music, Eli dreamed to write music and sing. At the age of 20, he is very blessed to be doing what he has dreamed. In the past few years he has worked with a variety of different artist, including Britney Spears. On a recent project, Eli has helped co-write Spears’s new single, “Hold It Against Me”. This has been a great achievement for Eli. It is also an honor for him to listed as a songwriter on her album. As this being a great accomplishment, he believes that there is still more for him to accomplish. I recently held an interview with Eli to discuss his recent accomplishment and future aspirations. Check it out:

Dane Randall for BE Magazine: What are inspired you to write, “Hold It Against Me”

Eli: I’m a huge fan of sex, fun, trance druggy house club dance music. All things that are my writing asthetic and also come to mind when you think of Britney Spears.

BE Mag: Where do you see this latest achievement taking you?

Eli: Honestly I don’t see it that way. Your achievements don’t take you anywhere, its the moves you make after being recognized for it. My next move is just to keep this momentum and get new placements with more artist. Hopefully being offered a publishing deal with a label.

BE Mag: What are you goals for the future?

Eli: I don’t really call them goals, but end games. So my end games ultimately are to be happy, be an established song writer, and to possibly branch out into the music industry as a producer, even possibly an artist. Above all I want to solidify a name in music as a writer. Life Spands of artist can be short but writers and producers can be forever.

BE Mag: Do you have any advice for other young dream chasers?

Eli: Don’t be afraid to be yourself and don’t let anyone tell you no! I know that might be a common thing to say but just don’t give up, be about it and don’t just talk about it.

The interview with Eli was amazing. BEing a native from New York City you can tell where his strong music influence and desire to chase big dreams comes from. Eli not only works in the music industry, but is also establishing himself in the modeling industry. As a fellow model to Chase Models NY, I’ve been honored to make the acquaintance and become a good friend to him. And I know that whatever project Eli may get his hands on, is going to be in great quality. So like most people, Eli couldn’t have got this far without the confidence in himself and his support system from family, friends, and faith. My advice to dream chaser, young or old, is that a dream is only as real as you make it and with positivity anything can BE possible.

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