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BE Magazine recently had a chance to talk with Mariah Huq Co-producer and creator of Bravo’s new TV hit “Married to Medicine”. We cover this smart and savvy business woman rise to TV and business success as she talks about the concept of the show and what does “being married to medicine” mean. She talks about her marriage to a man from another race, religion and family life. She also shares other projects she is involved in and why she is the “Queen BEe”.

BE MAG: Hello Mariah!!! How are you?

MH: I’m well thanks for asking. Thank you for having me as well.

BE MAG:  So jumping right in, What is your definition of married to medicine?

MH: To me the term means; being apart of the world of medicine and the lifestyle that comes along with it, Knowing the sacrifice of time that’s involved with it as well as the energy it takes to keep going, and how to be a support system to your spouse that’s practicing medicine.

BE MAG: Do you think people may have or had a certain impression as to what a doctor’s wife does and is?

MH: I think that they see the lifestyle as this grand lavish thing. They see the wealth and think it’s all fabulous, but they don’t see what goes on behind all of that and what really goes into it. They don’t see that while these doctors are helping them and their kids get well, that doctor’s family kids are sick and things are going on as well. People don’t realize the conflict and struggle that goes along with it when doctors are there saving your life and helping you and not being able to always do the same for their family.



BE MAG: Well you must be commended because you certainly are breaking that “typical” rich housewife stigma that some of us think when we see these celebrity and doctors wives. Was that your intent with doing this show as well?

MH: I tell you this, I wanted to show different sides of doctor’s wives and their lifestyles. You know a lot of what you see on the show is see me as the socialite, I’m bringing all these women together, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that we all are college educated and the majority of us in this group are African American wives running households and business so for me it was extremely important to capture that and to show America that we aren’t just simply put “trophy” wives.

BE MAG: Was there a plan you had coming into your marriage to a doctor? Or did you kind of “roll with the punches ” as they say?

MH: I had no clue! I was completely oblivious, but I LOVE my husband dearly. I just thought you know I love him and he is this very respected and known physician.  I had no idea of the amount of sacrifice that came along with it though. No one can prepare or guide you through that process at all . You just don’t get that until you are in it. There have been days you know where I had to call in sick to take care of our kids who may have been ill cause he wasn’t able to. There have also been birthdays and important things that were missed due to his job.   My husband tries to be “super” dad and be there as much as he can,  but its ruff you know it really isn’t easy as some may think.

mariah 2BE MAG:  How was your Transition into your husband’s culture and family?

MH: Oh Honey! I just took it right on in! “I have Indian in my blood” (laughs), so that was easy honey, I felt like I was already apart of it. It’s a very rich culture. I LOVE it! Everything from the jewelry, clothing, the food, the aroma of the spices everything about it really. It was really was an easy transition for me honestly.

BE MAG: So I hear people refer to you as the “Queen Bee”. Can you share where that comes from?

MH: Well you gotta think about it. I mean I am the creator of the show. I did bring all these women together, they are all apart of my friends and circle of folks I’m around. So I think that is the foundation of where it comes from. The difference between me and the other women is that I think I’m the most versatile. I mean I can go from boardroom to indigent neighborhood , it doesn’t matter. I can do everything anyone else can do . I’m a sassy soccer mom, a socialite, a business woman. I’m all those women in one, so that’s why I’m the Queen Bee if you ask me!( *snaps*) YASSSSSSS Honey!!!

BE MAG: So you also have other businesses your involved in the “Mariah Media Group” and “Jewel and Jem”. Talk to us and our readers about that.

MH: Well Mariah Media group is just that. It a media group I founded and this is my first production (Married to Medicine) which came by way of that. My background is journalism and when i met my husband i was doing that but he said you know you don’t have to work you can leave your job and raise the family if you want and i can take care of us, but I stuck with it and now we have the media group. Jewel and Jem is a business that I’m a co-owner in with my sister .  She does interior design. We do kids bedding and decor as well as pajamas. We are currently getting ready to transition into major stores like JC Penney’s and Sears and Macy’s. We have been working hard for the last 6 years on this business and this is a big deal for us. I’m so excited. People don’t know but I’m trying to run an empire! Not just sitting around waiting for things to come.

BE MAG: OK 1.9 MILLION viewers for the premiere of the show!!! How did that feel to you? Was it God’s way of telling you that this was the right choice?

MH: I think it was! I’ ve always felt from the beginning of this project that people wanted to see this and see inside this lifestyle. You know Grey’s Anatomy is such a huge success as well as shows like ER and Private Practice . But we had never seen into the lives outside of the office and hospitals. So i felt like this was the perfect opportunity to show that and i think people liked it cause those numbers don’t lie .

BE MAG: Greatest advice ever given or you given out to people?


BE MAG: So what type of style are you into? Are you a high heel type of girl or you kind of let the occasion decide?

MH: Oh honey I’m a stiletto girl! The higher the heel the BEtter. Right now I’m loving the Manolo Blanik shoes with  the pointed toe, lets see i love all my Rico Chappele dresses. I love the  A-line design dresses they are classic and always in style . I love the high waist slacks as well. All those are my signature pieces and style for now.

BE MAG: So whats next for you? What’s should we be looking for?

MH:I’m producing several other projects at the moment, so you will hear and see those soon hopefully and working with the Jewel and Jem line and launching into the department stores so i have that coming for this year as well.

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