Is Your Business Ready for Digital Revolution?

What is Digital Revolution?
Much like the Industrial Revolution in 19th Century American History, the Digital Revolution is a 21st Century revolt of the the way that business is now conducted. My company Star Quality Firm is a full service digitally revolutionary communications company. As a full-service digital and rich media brand management firm,  Star Quality Firm helps entrepreneurs and entertainment industry professionals achieve their Digital Media Branding and Marketing goals to perfection. The question “Are You Ready for the Digital Revolution” came to fruition when I noticed that many businesses have not set their sites on the benefits that the Internet and other forms of digital media have to offer. Being in business in the “Digital Revolution” means being business ready in an era that allows companies to be hands on with their clients thru brand management, rich media, and social networking processes
Tell me about yourself & how Digital Revolution came to BE.
I was raised in the radio industry. My father Gary Young has been programming radio stations across the united states for 30 years. The 1st African American PA Announcer for the Philadelphia 76ers, his influence has touched me to the core, thus It’s safe to say that I got my entertainment history honest. Originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, I have lived in 7 different states over the course of my wonderful 28 years. My traveling has given me the ability to communicate with different types of people on a multitude of levels. After attending Broadcasting School in Minneapolis and moving south, in 2005 I was recruited to work for Clear Channel Communications in Jacksonville, Fl as a Part Time Content Producer for CBS and FOX News Online, that is when I caught the digital bug! Gaining the knowledge in the production end of television showed me how a brand is formed and represented constantly and effectively in major company’s. Moving on to an Online Content Director position for 6 cluster radio station for Clear Channel Savannah, Ga. gave me the polish needed to know how to translate sound media into a visual palate for listeners and advertisers.  After a degree in Broadcasting and 3 solid years of well rounded corporate multi-media experiences, I focused my eye on the future of my brands placement in the Digital Revolution and Star Quality Firm was birthed into the world.
What inspires you to take Digital Revolution to the next level?
My inspiration to take Digital Revolution to the next level is the brand placement and independence that the online and rich media world brings. Being raised in the entertainment industry, I have seen it take a complete 360 degree turn within the last 20 years. Much like “Big Tobacco”… “Big Records” and “Big Radio” once ruled the playing field with complete ownership and entitlement to the music that was being created by our favorite artists. Now however, the digital revolution age has taken back the rights of the artist and gifted them the ability to create a brand much like news stations and corporations do. This is where Star Quality Firm steps in the picture.
Star Quality Firm takes an integrated approach to your digital and graphic design needs. We exceed our clients marketing goals by formulating their message and combining it with a complete marketing strategy. We take it one step further by being a one stop shop, fulfilling our clients branded digital media, print and web development needs and actively helping to promote their business through advertising, e-mail marketing campaigns with an infused social media communication infrastructure. These are all things that major corporations have on their side when they are envisioning selling any product for a profit. I cater to the Small Business or Entrepreneur who sees his or himself owning that next major corporation in an age where digital communications is key.
Where do you see Star Quality Firm in the Digital Revolution 5 years from now?
Now, recently obtaining my Degree in Information Technology, In 5 years Star Quality Firm will be a solidified brand amongst major  brand management and marketing company’s. As a recipient of the The Presidents Award under Bill Clinton for Outstanding Community Service, my ultimate goal for Star Quality Firm is to open up a Digital Media School. I would like this school to only be open to low income families who seek to learn an information technology focused craft. I believe that is important that not only our youth have a stake in the future of digital media. If you are not apart of the change in the era you will not be able to help control it. I am a firm believer in controlling technology to keep it from controlling us, thus, if I can teach a classroom of 25-30 individuals how to control their technology, we wont be lost in a world of transformers. Word. (laughs)
How can fans get more information on how try can get their business ready for the Digital Revolution?
Well, because I’m ready for the Digital Revolution (laughs) you can find more about Shaleea “Lucki” Johnson and Star Quality Firm, 1st thru Google. Our website is a visual collage of what we have to offer our clients. We have a strong presence on Facebook with our networking group  “The iSocializ Group” now at 4800 members strong and our Twitter is @MyStarAccess. We have also teamed up with Swagggirlicious Media LLC to create an “Adult Play Date” bringing the fun back to the party, starting in October 24th, 2011. For more info on attending, please visit

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