It’s Simple: Write the Vision and Make it Plain…Just Ask April Love


They say it’s not what they call you, but what you answer to…and when called impeccable if you don’t answer to it, April Love surely will.

To describe an impeccable person, one would simply refer to a few people-who I would consider to BE impeccable-and state common traits. For example focused, ambitious, respected, have reached a certain level of greatness and usually aren’t looking for any recognition for brilliant things they do. A writer once said, “ordinary people see life as a series of blessings and misfortunes. An impeccable warrior sees life as a series of challenges. Every challenge has the opportunity to awaken us to life.” An impeccable person is just that. They have a destiny to fulfill and know they are destined to BE great. They choose to only do that in which leads to fulfill this great destiny.

April Love was picked as one of BE Magazines impeccable entities BEcause of that. Nearly 10 plus years, after BEginning her journey as an intern for Sony Music (while in college), April Love is still going strong. When mentioning April Love to someone, BEcause they may not know her,  most people still know who she is and what she does; that should speak levels for the reach that April has, whether directly or indirectly. The Florida A&M Graduate sat with BE Magazine for an in-depth interview  about Ask April Love PR…without trying reminded us of just how impeccable she truly is.

First, what is it that separates you from the rest of the publicists…there are so many out there?

I consider myself to BE a Brand Strategist, who happens to BE a publicist. At the end of the day I have a marketing background, first and foremost, and I’m also a writer, so it is really important for me to understand the vision of the client. I don’t have a specific type of template for clients when I take them on. Every client has his or her own unique story and vision and we try to use that to create his or her brand story, and not to many people are doing that. People are just handling clients the same and pitching them and selling them the same way. We like to BE able to put together a real brand for them.

So would you say you all are more personal?

No. I would say it is more specific. I don’t handle anything generally. I’m more specific BEcause everything is different. Whether if it’s a piece fruit or piece of meat, nothing is the same. So I try to handle everyone specifically the way I see him or her.

How did you get started in the Entertainment Industry?

I initially wanted to BE an attorney, but I interned for Sony Music while I was in college and the bug hit me. However, I’ve always BEen in entertainment. I’ve always BEen the one to throw the parties, or plan the parties for my family. I was always the “event girl” so it was just a natural transition for me to end up doing what I’m doing now.

How long have you been in the industry?

Wow! It has BEen over 10 years.

In these 10 plus years that you’ve BEen in the Entertainment Industry, who are some people that you’ve worked with?

Oh wow. Some people and companies I’ve worked with and for are Bad Boy, Diddy, Wu Tang Klan, Kelly Price, BET, Real Housewives, NeNe Leaks, Lisa Wu Hartwell, General Mills, and Coca Cola. Presently I am still working and doing a lot of business-to-business now. The Weave Shop Franchise, which houses 15 locations nationally, Polow Da Don Zone4 Inc., Dallas Austin. It’s quite a few people.

We see. You have 2 different companies right?

I do, I do. Well, actually I have 3. My first is Ask April Love brand, which houses all of my event productions and publicity services which I run with my longtime friend and fellow publicist Melanie Mitchell. Then I have a company called the Vanguard group and I partner with two of my long time friends in the event finance side of the industry. Vanguard is a marketing company specializing in creating content and tying in lifestyle, marketing and brands. I also have a non-profit called Love Offering Inc. and we just launched. We educate in wellness on helping wellness-based organizations. We also provide financial support for those suffering debilitating illnesses.

If you weren’t doing this, what do you see yourself doing? Would it still BE law?

No, I would BE a full time writer.

Oh, it sounds like you are you working on a book for us.

I am. I am working on my first piece right now. It is called the Butterfly Factor. It is about an ordinary girl’s journey to an extra ordinary life.

How is it coming along?

It is coming along quite well. I am almost done with the manuscript and they are working on designing the book jacket now.

So a normal business day looks like what for April?

Well, I like to get up, meditate, and pray. Then I work out.

Now April, don’t BE saying “pray” BEcause this is going in a magazine.

No, really I pray. I cannot get through most of the stuff if I don’t. Now, I get up and concentrate on my day. For many years I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off like a go getter/ hustler. Honestly let me not say hustler. I realized I don’t like to use the term hustling. I don’t dislike it, but I don’t want to call myself a hustler BEcause I’ve noticed it’s sometimes just a lot of running around and no time management. Now I’ve learned how to get up a lot earlier, pray, meditate, and make a list for the day. Then I make my smoothie. I work out every other day and head to the office. Sometimes I stop in on my clients in offices, sets, venues and I travel a lot because I work out of Atlanta and New York. Then I’m in the office until 8 or 9 o’clock at night. I come in the office, viBE with my staff, and set goals for the day. Through out the day I do a lot of media pitching, meetings, etc. Then I come home and try to work on my book. I try to clock out when I get home but sometimes it’s not until 10 o’clock at night. I use to sit in the BEd with my laptop BEside me, but I don’t do that anymore. I’ve learned that I have to clock out; so that’s my day.

So with all your accomplishments I know there had to BE obstacles you went through to get where you are today. What are some obstacles you had to face in this industry as a woman, especially a black woman?

I started in the Music Industry when the urban music scene was the thing. I was dealing with a lot of A-list artist and A&Rs. At one point I was doing a lot of production management working with Bad Boy and Noontime music. They were big here. They represented Jazzy Phae and Bryan M. Cox. So I had to interact with men on a daily basis and often they expected you to BE the one in the back taking notes in the meeting and didn’t respect you as a executive or as a visionary or someone with an ear so I had to BEcome a lot more aggressive than I would have liked to BE. I had taken on a lot of masculine identities, which I don’t like and in order to BE competitive I had to roll with the boys. I had to have boy like tendencies and that was unBecoming of a lady. This included hanging out all night long, talking crazy, and cursing people out, but for a period of time it was a survival tactic to do anything in the Music Industry. Also, the integrity in the Entertainment Industry is not always there. There are many people who would do anything for a dollar and I’m not that person. That played a large role in why I BEcame an entrepreneur. In order to have a job and maintain a job in the Entertainment Industry you had to sacrifice your integrity almost daily and I was not going to do that. I decided if I had to write my own check so I could dictate what projects I take on and what projects I don’t that’s what I would do. That’s why it’s inevitable that I BEcame my on boss.

I find that so many impeccable people have quotes that they live by and people who’ve pushed them to greatness. Who would you say pushes you and what are some quotes you live by?

I have circle of girlfriends who are very supportive of me and will send me scriptures through out the day. I’m a Christian first and foremost and I feel there is a lot of wisdom in the word and I have a lot of scriptural quotes that derive me. Some of the quotes are: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”, “I am the head and not the tail”, “I’m more than a conqueror”, “Enemy my footstool”. I am continuously tweeting scriptures, and posting them on Facebook. That to me is like fuel for my tank. Like I was saying throughout the day my girlfriends and I are always sending scriptures, “I was studying this in my morning meditation so take this with you on your day”. I continue to feed myself that stuff because it keeps me going. My main scripture of them all is, “write the vision and make it plain”. God will give me an inkling of ideas and some take that for granted and you have them multi million dollar or lifetime ideas and you sit on it. But I BElieve in taking a vision and running with it.

Do you give back? Do you have any charities?

I formed Love Offering Inc. I’m actually a breast cancer survivor and while going through my treatment I launched this organization. I launched it BEcause people think you get sick when you are older, but I got sick in my 30s and it wasn’t a bunch of resources. I felt it was about time to educate people. It is no reason why people should have diabetes at 28 and heart attacks at 31 BEcause they don’t know to put that coke down or they don’t know if you have fibroids you cant eat pound cake. I wanted to make sure people knew how to get in front of these illnesses. I really work diligently to foster relationships and build a bunch of information material to the community to let them know so they can take care of themselves. I also just have been appointed the president of the Atlanta chapter of the Sisters Network, which is a national organization for African American breast cancer survivorship. It is based out of Houston, Texas and they just made me president in Atlanta. I’m definitely hitting the ground running on educating woman of all ages. I definitely give back. I’m a firm BEliever in supporting community, each one help one.

As an Impeccable Entity many look up to you so you have to give some advice to those who want to BE where you are?

First, I would tell them, they really need to understand their craft. I would tell people to identify what their gifts and strengths are. I would tell them that they really have to ask themselves what would they do if they were not getting paid for it. Next, I would say do everything in your strength to do that. If you are in high school and you want to BE a photographer, understand your craft. Do not wait until you get out of college to try to figure it out. I feel like people waste a lot of time by not having real strong major focus. I would advise them to really understand what their gifts are and try to master it. There are thousands of people trying to do what you are doing so what is going to make you stand out. You’re going to have to study, study, and study. Focus, understand your craft, study to BE the BEst you can BE in whatever you choose to do, and write your vision and make it plain.

As you’ve seen in this interview, the title “Impeccable” is never just given to anyone. To BE impeccable one must, as April Love would say, “Write your vision and make it plain.”

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