J.Diaz – Model Grind

J. Diaz, a Cuban aka “Mulatta” from Houston, TX is taking the “pigeon-hole” image of a video vixen and giving it a her own definition which gives her more than one layer with her talent. I got the chance to sit with her at one of her video shoots after a long day of running around the city with her as she tried to BE on time for every scheduled appointment.

Janie Diaz began her career just as any other aspiring model trying to make it in this industry…GRINDING! She began by placing pictures on a model website called Premier Promotions Modeling trying to make herself known starting with her hometown. The initial message that gave her the opportunity was from Mr. Boomtown, a director that had her featured in a Paul Wall “Bizzy Body” video as well as a cameo on Mya’s video feat. Bun B, “Show me Something”. This was the stepping stone that would open multiple doors for Diaz.

The buzz on the street is this amazing female from a Latin decent is building her fan base out of her hometown and ready to dive into the big city of New York. The casting calls from networks such as NBC and Telemundo helps her with the goals she is trying to achieve within the Latin culture, but also assists her to branch out.  She’s currently a spokesman for StickyGreenProductions and J.Styles, all while pursuing her goals of being a business mogul, as well as a women’s activist. The impression of what she wants to leave is something that would give young females the ability to look at her and see more than just a video vixen who tells all, but breaking the mold to show other aspiring women that you can start off as a “video chick”, but you can end up as media mogul. To check more of check out www.jdiazonline.com


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