J-Futuristic (aka J-Money)

fu?tur?is?tic – [fyoo-chuh-ris-tik]


ahead of the times; advanced: futuristic technology. [source]

The above definition should really explain it all, but what could possibly make someone who’s success in a brand-driven market where name recognition is crucial, change their name just as he works to reach the next level?This is a story that J-Money can tell all too well, but it’s his reality so he’s prepared to go at it head-first.

“Man there is so many ‘J-Money’s’ out her now, I’m about to change my name. I swear to GOD. Everybody knows my real name is J, so some folks call me J, while other refer to me as J-Money or J-Futuristic. I’m finna just change it to ‘J-Futuristic’ since there’s so many ‘J-Money’s’ out there. I gotta stand in my own lane & feel like I’m different. So I gotta change it man, [J-Money] is over.”

It’s almost impossible to hit up a cub without hearing, “What’s your name? J-Money, First Name Last Name!” but with every hustle comes the ability to change and adapt to the necessities that come with the job, which is how the single “First Name Last Name” even came to BE.

“I just know I wanted to BE different man. I was like, I gotta do something that’s simple, but that people haven’t said. That’s what most hits are, something simple that somebody forgot to say. And like I was telling you, some people call me J, J-Money, Futuristic…so I was just like, man I’m finna call myself J-Money First Name Last Name. That’s where it came from. On that “Trapper of the Year” song I did with Shawty Lo, I was like “J-Money, First Name Last Name” so that’s really where it started from right there.”

Like many of his A-town rap counterparts, J-Futuristic (naturally, he had no problems reminding me is his new name) didn’t initially have his eyes set on rap. He was a street dude, that was doing pretty well for himself, but had a revelation about his lifestyle after contemplating the many obstacles he was constantly facing, and decided that he no longer wanted to go through the ups and downs the streets bring. After a four year prison stint, he began managing a group called  Truth, but things didn’t all the way work out. He continued to listen to the music being put out and noticed that most of the folk screaming and repping Atlanta wasn’t even from the A. At that point he decided to take his own skill sets and create music that would transcribe as honest yet hood; which is how he came to get the certified stamp of approval from heavy hitters like Shawty Lo & DJ Greg Street.  

“I was actually in the hood, and when you’re actually in the hood people can’t deny your credibility. People respected my grind cuz it wasn’t like I was just rich, but I didn’t ever go without nothing, and people seen that I always stayed on point. They respected my loyalty to the streets. Like now I got the big homie Jeezy on my remix to “First Name Last Name”, him and Shawty Lo. You know I had to go back with my boy Lo cuz he the one that helped me create it with “Trapper of the Year”, so now I got the buzz and he got the buzz so we might as well help each other. So I got that remix coming and all the big dogs  stamped it, and yo know if I was fake they wouldn’t stamp it. I got the two biggest trappers of the year on my song, and if they ain’t contesting it saying I’m lying, who else can contest it?”

Futuristic is more than just a new alias for J. It’s more like a business way of thinking. He’s aware that a certain component of saturation works, and refuses to drop a debut album before the game has fully accepted him in and actually craves him. He feels artists like like F.L.Y. and Jeremih did themselves a disservice by dropping debut albums with only one hot single under their belt. J-Futuristic prefers to wait until he’s hot. Technique is important. The video for “First Name Last Name” was just shot early July, but he’s already prepping his next single “This is how we Play” and his underground work with V.I.C. “Say Bow”.

“I just than GOD that the sound that I got right now is here man, and anything that I come with they want it. I just thank GOD for it!”

J-Futuristic is signed to Bases Loaded/Universal Republic, and is ready for a tentative December 8th debut release date, depending on the buzz. He wants this album to further prove that hip hop isn’t dead, and neither is the day of buying records. He plans on controlling his own career destiny, and refuses to just BE thrown out there by his label or any other affiliation. J-Futuristic is pleased with his management and label situation, which he knows will add to the music that he puts out there to hs fan base.

BE ready for J-Futuristic to invade your musical space very soon…that’s a plan he won’t let up on so say BOW BOW! and jump on board. Go ahead and click on the divShare file BElow to get the rest of Business 101 with J-Futuristic and to see how he feels about his favorite artist (Michael Jackson) passing too soon.

There are numerous ways to get at the big homie J-Futuristic, so you can’t say we didn’t give you the 1st opportunity to interact…BEtter jump on soon!!!

www.myspace.com/jmoneymaker08 | www.twitter.com/futuristicmove | www.facebook.com/jermainemiller | www.kytetv.com & look for his channel called “J-Money First Name Last Name”

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