BEhind-the-Scenes: Jacob Latimore ft Diggy Simmons “Like Em All” Video Shoot

BE Featured Alumni Jacob Latimore shot his very first video in Atlanta yesterday, so you know BE Magazine had to come and wish our Milwaukee/Atlanta little bro some luck. The video is for “Like Em All” featuring Diggy Simmons, who the world now knows is a BEast! Diggy was also on set repping hard for the song. Jacob has BIG things in his future, which is legacy for this young singer/dancer/entertainer; just google The Latimore Brothers and you’ll see why his talent is so obvious.

Check out some BEhind-the-Scenes footage of Jacob and his leading lady getting down at the shoot & shouting out his stylist Reno Valentine. Reno Valentine has styled some of the BEst from Chante Moore all the way to Bilial…you can see both of these artists decked out by Reno Valentine at the 2010 Soul Train Music Awards.

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