Jacob Latimore – Not Just Any Kid

January of last year I was a part of a tour called the Pull Your Pants Up Tour; that was my first time on tour and my first time meeting Jacob Latimore. I’d heard rumors of a fresh new artist who could act, dance, sing, and had all the ladies. But it was when he hopped up on stage and the crowd went crazy that I realized the rumors were true, his swag hyped the crowd up , while his dance moves increased the heart beat in each person in the crowd! Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, he started singing, and I personally thought he would make Chris brown jealous.

I recently had a chance to talk to Jacob (on his 14th Birthday), and I couldn’t help but ask some q’s. This is what he said…

BEMAG: How did you get started dancing, singing, and acting?
JACOB LATIMORE: Well singing was always in the family, I kind of just grew up around it, my dad sings, my uncle sings, everybody sings, so when I was five I would get up on stage with my dad and perform. When I got around nine years old I told my mom this is what I want to do. Acting just came with the package, its something I just got interested in, at first I didn’t really want to act. Dancing was something I just always did.
BEMAG: So everybody in your family has all that talent; were they your inspiration?
BEMAG: What events have you done in the past few years?
JACOB LATIMORE: I haven’t done any shows lately. I’ve been recording my new album; I just signed with JIVE. But really I’ve done a whole bunch of stuff, like I’ve opened up for Pharrell, Omarion, and Chris Brown. I even did a showcase for Usher one time. I haven’t been doing a lot lately but I hope to have a lot more [coming up].
BEMAG: What has been the most exciting event you’ve done?
JACOB LATIMORE: I’d have to say when I opened up for Bow Wow in Ohio, that was a pretty fun event, because Bow Wow is my favorite rapper, it was great opening up for him.
BEMAG: What do you look forward to doing in the future? What artist would you like to work with?
JACOB LATIMORE: Hopefully I can be one of the greatest artists ever to live, and who would I like to collab with, I’d have to say Justin Beiber , Chris Brown, and anyone who is dope. I really want to do one with Kanye though, that’ll be dope.
BEMAG: Is there anything that you want to tell your fans?
JACOB LATIMORE: I appreciate all y’all, I wouldn’t be here without y’all. I want to thank GOD. I want to thank my fans, they’ve been real supportive.
BEMAG: What about twitter and facebook?
JACOB LATIMORE: They can hit me up on my twitter @Jacob Latimore and facebook, Jacob Latimore. So hit me up!

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