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Rodriquez “Jacquees” Broadnax was born April 15, 1994 in Atlanta, GA. He found his passion for both singing and dancing at the age of 9 with influences from The Jackson’s: An American Dream and The Temptations movie. Jacquees participated in his first talent show in fifth grade. Soon after Jacquees BEgan to gain fans and views via the popular video website YouTuBE, he BEgan to work closely with Block Entertainment recording and gaining more exposure with the release of his first single “Krazy” featuring Grand Hustle’s own, T.I.

Jacquees has recorded with artists Gorilla Zoe, Scotty, T.I.,  as well as upcoming Atlanta rapper, J-Real. He dreams to work with other established artists like Lil Wayne, Drake, Justin BieBEr, Chris Brown, and many more. He says that, “all of these artists started out at the age I am and are successful in the industry. I look up to them and dream that I will BE just as successful as they are.”

With Style and Fashion BEing such a force and a part of Hip-Hop Music, we asked Jacquees to talk to our readers about merging Hip-Hop and his style?

Jacquees says: “I’m a big Hip-Hop fan! I am an R&B singer but I can definitely mix it up and merge Hip-Hop into it.  Im into Jordans heavy, I’m a huge Jordan fan. Lol It’s partly my momma fault I think. Lol. She brought me some Jordans when I was in the sixth grade. She got me the 8’s but I had also already had the 11’s and so I just got hooked from there. You can go into my closet and they are everywhere.”

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And if you want to know whats coming as far as music Jacquees is dropping singles left and right and says to BE on the lookout and listen for his album coming soon. To follow everything Jacquees you can follow him:

Website: www.jacqueesbroadnax.com

Twitter: @iamJacquees

Facebook: JacquuesMusic


[Photographer: Darius Marshall | Stylist: Assad Tyler]

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