His music personifies no genre and with the name Jaicko we can expect his music to be a universal sound that can be enjoyed by anybody no matter who you are. The influences that made his sound his own were Michael Jackson, Steven Wonder, Seal and more created his own destiny and the chance to make his sound modern with the same type of feel. This young artist from Barbados has the hunger to be number one in this music industry aside from being attached as a male version Rihanna. A forthcoming album on Capitol records in early March has songs like “Can I” a single that is a one of the intoxicating ballads showcases his smooth contagious tone in his voice whereas “About You” has you think on more than just the good feeling it brings to your soul but the lyrics gives you that sense of reality with one of your past relationships.This 17 year-old artist who also writes his songs with his father the “creative duo” still has more to prove and willing to make it further than what is expected of his fans and himself. I got a chance to chit chat with Jaicko to see what the next level would be for his music.


BE-NewYork: Your real name is Jaicko? (pronounced Jay-ko)

Jaicko: Yessir

BE-NY: WoW that’s madd different with the spelling.

Jaicko: My father knew I was going to be big one day so he wanted to give me a name that would be original and would stick out.

BE-NY: Awesome, and your album is due?

Jaicko: Early March called “Can I” BeNy: What’s your first single and some songs that would be featured?

Jaicko: “Oh Yeah” is the first single. Other songs are “Two Piece”, “Will you be there” and “About You” are just some of the tracks on this album.

BE-NY: Well I see your a busy guy, I appreciate the time you took to sit down, well stand to chat with me.

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