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The fashion industry has bred a league of persons that dream of what they think is all fabulous, provides them easy access to gorgeous garments, and an open door to the lives of celebrity. Wanting this life is not as easily done, as some may believe. You must pay your dues and work hard to BEcome a reputable person of your craft. This month’s BE-Style fashion insider has not only paid his dues but has earned them along an educational and determined path. Jasper Rose, is a name to BE reckoned with in the fashion industry. He is known for his keen eye of style and excellent execution of the creative process while transforming a client’s individual image.

Jasper Rose, a Georgia native, is mostly known for being the stylist to many celebrities, hosting fashion shows, and producing some of Atlanta’s most fabulous industry mixers.  Jasper has now added another notch to his belt becoming the host to one of the best Blogtalk radio stations (B*tchISaidIT). The show discusses real life topics, with a mix of celebrity gossip, celebrity interviews and Reality television commentary. Jasper Rose (@JasperRose20) is not just a name, it’s a Brand.

Tuesday’s 9pm ESt

www.blogtalkradio.com/bitchisaidit or 424-243-9612

BE-Style: What are great S/S12 transitional pieces for both men and women?

JR: Both men and women need to own a couple of nice light in weight and color blazers for the spring. Blazers are timeless and can easily take your daytime look right into evening. Soft color spring scarves are great for the spring around and the neck and if you are a little more daring tie it on your head for a more tribal feel.

BE-Style: Who are your top 5 Ready-To-Wear designers for S/S12?

JR: Now that’s a hard question, seems like everyone really brought it this quarter. Ralph Lauren is always one of my top designers his pieces will always remain classic and feel well to the body. Burberry, Emilio Pucci, Alice + Olivia, and always, Gucci.

BE-Style: Tell our ladies rather it’s appropriate to wear hosiery during these months.

JR: Actually it is very appropriate for women to wear hosiery during these months. I just say keep it simple and classy. Find what works well for your body type and own it.

BE-Stye: Should men wear socks with sandals or moccasins?

JR: PLEASE don’t, it really makes men look like rather country and fashion challenged when they pair socks with sandals. It’s warm outside let those feet breath, before doing that please stop in and get a pedicure nothing is sexy about crusty feet.

BE-Style: Name some of your favorite fashion eras. And Why?

JR: I am all about the Drama and all things fabulous when it comes to Fashion. With that being said both the glamour and Victorian Eras are my favorite. These Eras were all about women dressing up and being fabulous.

BE-Style: What would you consider our most stylistic season?

JR: Winter, hands down, is the most stylistic season. I am a huge fur freak so I love the cold temperatures. Winter allows us to wear coats, scarves, sweaters and so much more. Winter allows you to be more expressive than any other season for the simple fact you can layer your clothing.

BE-Style: What advice would you give those men and women that dress straight from the mannequin or the runway?

JR: Step outside of the box. Fashion is all about expressing the way you feel and telling a story with you clothing. It’s ok to get inspiration from the runway that’s the purpose of a fashion shows, but add your own twist to showcase your personality.

BE-Style: I’ve noticed silk scarves (women) and the fedora (men) still have a presence in the industry, what’s your take on these long-lived accessories?

JR: These are pieces that will never go out of style. They may take a rest for a while but will always resurface due to the fact they are so easy to dress down or up any outfit. I say keep rocking them.

BE-Style: Give us your final BE-Stylistic thought for our readers…

JR: Fashion should be fun, dare to be different by adding your own twist to things instead of dressing like everyone else. For the ladies, A little skin is sexy too much skin is trashy so remember if you are serving major leg cover up the top a little, if you are showing a little more up top then wear longer bottoms. Dress the way you want to be addressed.

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