Jay & Dre City – Still ROCKIN that POLO

“P-O-L-O, All I wear is Polo, I stay FRESH everyday shawty you ain’t know…” 

If you’re unfamiliar with the rap duo Jay & Dre City, it can BEst BE summed up that you haven’t hit the club recently. Their club banger “POLO” has been all over night clubs (both teen & adult), and has taken over radio airwaves for the past few months. They are gearing up to take over the club again with their next single “Rockin”.  Atlanta is infamously known for fostering talented hip hop artists that bring something new and innovative to the plate; Jay & Dre City both hit that mark when it comes to such talent. Their amazing story of overcoming the very triumphs that the streets hold, make them an instant success in the hood. It’s not a BIG secret that Jay & Dre City plan on BEing around for the long run, and have the ample talent to make that happen.

BE Magazine got an up close, and personal sit down with Jay & Dre to get the inside scoop on the fellas, and to see exactly how they plan on making their mark in such a difficult game. I was pleasantly surprised at the fellas’ passion for not only their music, but for all of hip hop. When they spoke on their path, I could see a hunger in their eyes that shows proof that they’ll do anything to make their stamp.  Check out the interview BElow to get the inside scoop on the their upcoming project, a first look at their 2nd and 3rd singles, how they hooked up with another former BE Up Next artist, Juney “Mr. Cookies” Boomdata on their smash hit “POLO”, and you know we had to get personal to see which ladies the guys wouldn’t mind “ROCKIN'” with. Here’s an interview you don’t want to miss!

Jay & Dre City EXCLUSIVELY premiere’s their 2nd single “Rockin” for BE Magazine

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