Jay Sean – DOWN BEfore Cash Money

When you take a 1st listen to Jay Sean’sDown” you’re instantly drawn in to the fact that it’s blessed by Lil Wayne, which is the ultimate stamp of approval now a days. But when you take those next few listens, you quickly notice that it’s really Jay Sean’s sultry and appealing voice that’s made this single skyrocket on the charts to #1, BEating out crossover favorites Black Eyed Peas

So who exactly is the international phenomenon known as Jay Sean?

Kamaljit Singh Jhooti, now infamously known as Jay Sean, has gotten critical acclaims from being an all around British musician extraordinaire. He can sing, write songs, rap, beat-box, produce, and obviously catch the eyes and ears of millions. He may BE on a more recent claim to fame in the U.S., but Jay is no well-kept secret overseas! His market in Europe is HUGE, and in Asia he’s definitely known as the man…which doesn’t even mention his growing fan base in India, the UK, and of course now the United States, where he has hooked up with an all-star team & is ready to BEcome the force that ignites International Ca$h Money.

Meeting Jay Sean was a true experience. I can’t say that I was expecting such a swagger-driven yet welcoming individual. I first caught him grabbing a quick bite to eat in between a rigorous interview schedule in Atlanta, GA. As he sat back and took bites of the catered entrees, joke after joke, and laugh after laugh came from his mouth. I instantly understood why people would take to the man BEhind the music; but then I heard another media mogul from Hotlanta Buzz start humming the song “Down” and I immediately put two and two together that this was the pop singer whose song refuses to jump off of the radio. I later confirmed my suspicion when Cash Money’s Birdman & Mack Maine walked into the room holding an extravagant present. The room was hushed, and Birdman handed Jay his gift (black & pink diamond crusted CMB (Cash Money Ballers) dog tags), and then officially welcomed him into the Cash Money Records family. I immediately looked to Jay Sean to get his reaction, and I was pleased to see such a humble response! It actually felt like a school-boy’s Christmas with all of the excitement Jay exuded, which was later explained to BE Magazine as a “dream come true”.



It’s obvious that Jay Sean rolls with a blessed group of ballers, but the truth of the matter is, Jay’s been stacking cash money well BEfore getting the Lil Weezy stamp. Jay Sean’s previously dropped two studio albums Me Against Myself (2004) under 2Point9/Relentless/Virgin Records, and My Own Way (2008) under 2Point9/Jayded Records. Both albums gained him a number of awards and #1 spots and sold millions of copies nation-wide.

Jay is gearing up for the release of his 3rd studio album, All or Nothing which will BE his first release under the Cash Money Records imprint. The album is set to release on November 23rd in the U.S., which is the same day his label mate Birdman’s album. This will BE Jay’s first U.S. album. All or Nothing will also BE released to the United Kingdom on November 30th under Jayded Records/Island Records. The album’s momentum has already thickened after his debut single “Down” reached #1 on Billboard’s Hot 100. The 2nd single, “Do You Remember” featuring Sean Paul & Lil Jon is quickly rising on the Billboard charts, and truly showcases Jay Sean’s magical vocal ability.

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