Jennifer Williams Supports The Weave Shop at For Sisters Only

HAPPY BE-DAY TO JENN, HAPPY BE-DAY TO JENN, HAPPY BE-DAY TO JENNNN…. I’m guessing by now you get the point. The BEautiful Jennifer Williams (Basketball Wives) celebrated her birthday over the weekend in Atlanta at V103’s For Sister’s Only…with lots of adoring fans watching and cheering her on.

Jennifer has BEen making her rounds lately (after turning up at a numBEr of shows and events during New York Fashion Week & hitting Detroit in BEtween), and with all of the travel, it gets difficult to maintain all of her daily essentials. So Jennifer decided to try out her first sew-in weave (contrary to some people’s BElief, Jennifer is adamant that she normally rocks her own real locks), and let The Weave Shop Owner Latonya Saunderson style it up for her special birthday.

“What most people don’t know is that The Weave Shop also specializes in just doing hair. I know they’re known for their $50 Sew Ins, but the ads you’ve seen me in, Latonya actually styled my real hair for. I just recently got my very 1st sew in, I know everybody thinks that I rock a weave, but I normally don’t, but today I am. I think Latonya is a great business woman. I think she has something really special & I think she’s up to about 20 franchises, which is amazing…”

Jennifer couldn’t stay at FSO the entire day, but she did stay long enough to BE given an awesome cake by The Weave Shop &  for fans to see her get her entire hair styled, BEfore jetting off for a magical BEday night in Vegas.

I couldn’t leave BEfore getting the scoop from The Weave Shop Owner & Creator Latonya Saunderson about how it feels to work with celebrity clientele like Sara Stokes (Da Band) & Jennifer Williams.

“That’s awesome. I feel like everybody desires to look like celebrities & me, myself, I come from a entertainment background (I was an aspiring rapper/producer), so It kind of all coincides with what I’m doing. It feels like such an accomplishment coming from where I came from.” 

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