Jeremih makes his mark

From the introductory single, “Birthday Sex”, and the hot remix featuring R&B legend R. Kelly, my initial reaction to Def Jam recording artist and Chicago native Jeremih Felton was reactions of disgust and intrigue. Disgust because the radio stations were playing the single on overkill even during the morning hours when children were around and intrigue because after seeing his performance at HOT 97’s Summer Jam, I just had to know who this kid was, where he came from and what he planned to bring to the music industry that we haven’t seen before.

Jeremih is ready to show the world

Fast-forward to today, his self-titled album Jeremih hits stores and the internet. It’s definitely an album worth purchasing. He’s not your typical R&B male singer – as a matter of fact, I wouldn’t necessarily call him an “R&B singer.” His style is more correctly unclassifiable. The album has some R&B mixed with Pop up-tempo hits such as “Runaway,” “Imma Star (Everywhere We Are),” “My Ride,” and “Jumpin.” Young Jeremih also continues the ballads with songs such as “My Sunshine” (a rock-meets-pop sounding ballad), and “Raindrops” (classic Hip-Hop/Soul ballad). One of my favorite songs on the album is “Break Up To Make Up” where Jeremih discusses a dysfunctional relationship and tries to determine if the relationship is worth remaining in. If I had to rate this album on a scale from one being awful to ten being the best thing I’ve heard thus far, I’d have to give Jeremih a 9.5 (nine point five) because let’s face it, no one except for the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson gets all 10s.
This album was so good that before it came out today, I actually went out to the store and purchased it this past Saturday at Disc-O-Rama here in NYC (because in New York, you can do that – purchase albums before the actual national release date) after hearing it that same day online. That is something I rarely ever do! So I say it once again… support this young man! I think we’re just beginning to see what Jeremih is about to bring to the music industry.

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