J.Holiday – 4 the LOVE of the Homeless

Grammy nominated artist J.Holiday is known for dropping heart-drenched hits like “Bed” & “Suffocate” off of his debut album ‘Back of my Lac’, but it’s a song of his sophomore project that caught the attention of a thoughtful playwrite in Atlanta.

BE Entertained Magazine caught up with J.Holiday at the preview of “Speechless” a stage play highlighting the plaguing issue of homelessness, which is something the city of Atlanta & playwrite Randy Walls knows too well.

Holiday ripped the stage delivering a tear ripping performance of “Homeless” a song featured on ‘Round 2’ “Man I’ll do anything for the homeless. Since I already had the song [Homeless] on my 2nd album, they kind of thought it would fit to have me at the preview & to help raise awareness of homelessness which is an issue that continues to be huge throughout most cities., then Nicholas House came on & here we are.”

BE-Magazine: We know you just had a fresh album with some good hits, so what’s good with the music?

J.Holiday: Ay man, like I said, we had “Homeless” of the 2nd album in here, and now I’m working on the 3rd album. Just working on that & trying to keep the people entertained.

BE-Mag: We’ve got a BIG holiday coming up…so what you got planned for the ladies for Valentine’s day or what would a typical VDay be like with you?

J.Holiday: Honestly man, I like to sit & chill. I’d be like…you know what baby, I don’t got nothing to do today so whatever it is you wanna do we can do it. If you want to sit in the house & watch movies, we can sit in the house and watch movies. If you want to go to the aquarium, we can go to the aquarium. It’s more or less making sure that they can do what ever they want to do. Some people are like “buy you this, buy you that”, but I’m more like “what you wanna do?”

J.Holiday is prepping up for a strong return, but in the meanwhile he keeping busy showing love for a cause bigger than most people ever regard, but touches us all both directly & indirectly on a daily basis. Continue to BE on the look out for J.Holiday on www.jholiday.com and follow him on twitter www.twitter.com/kingjholiday.

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