Jill Scott – Beauty and the BEat by Mz. Lisha


By Mz. Lisha

On Saturday June 30, 2012, I prepped myself as if I were going to church, my hair is done, nails done, clothes just right and I’m pressing my way to see my She-ro – Jill Scott. I needed to see her and understand how she knew so much about me. Her lyrics are pages out my unspoken diary. Jill tells the stories of that real woman, that strong woman, passionate, a little freaky, sometime intimidating, misunderstood yet humble and blessed woman.

It was 105 degrees, all parking lots were filled, and all roads leading to Chastain Park were backed up with traffic, everyone was determined to see Ms. Scott. Doing a wonderful job Kem was the opening act. Then DJ Jazzy Jeff set the atmosphere for the Jill Scott’s block party. He took it back with the old school mixes. The crowd was amped doing old school dances from the 90’s and 80’s. I can only imagine Ms. Scott getting her dance on as she prepared herself for the show.  Finally Jill graced the stage flowing right into the existing atmosphere. She strutted in wearing orange stilettos wearing an orange two piece fitted long blouse with puff shoulders and puff ruffles covering her rear end with matching legs all detailed in diamond shaped pattern that made the illusion of pinstripes. With her hair cropped close she shook her shoulders and stepped to the beat. Her smile said she was ready to party & her all male band only complimented her energy as they played their music. She stopped only to check on the audience making sure everyone was staying hydrated. Quoting her aunt she said it was “hotter than the devils dick.”

Then she began, it was established it was Jill’s time. The moment we all waited for, the crowd calmed and we drank her presence. Then the beat dropped. “love, love, love, love, love, love” she sang out her infamous “it’s love” Performing a spoken word piece, and explaining how life is not neat and tidy and never ends up the way we plan it.. especially love. This is interlude for “Is it the way”. Love is her first choice topic. She adds when someone is in love they want the “real thing”, slipping into a funky wig she begins to swing her head to the rhythm of the electric guitar playing “I’m the real thing”. Jill’s show is filled to max; she is animated as she pretends to host an infomercial selling a genital hygiene product “Ball Fresh.”

She gets socially conscious as she leads into “Watching Me.” She puts extra emphasis on being true to yourself “because you can’t please everyone” explaining that people will hate on you for their own reasons. She uses this advice to transition into ”Hate on Me.” She is serenaded by her back-up singers “The Pipes” “So In Love.”  She transforms in and out of character from a Rock star, an overly perky television host, a spoken word artist, and last an African sex therapist that teaches the audience between making love and screwing.  She performs “Come See Me”, “Crown Royal” “So Gone”, and “Epiphany”. Ms. Scott’s entire repertoire was as strong as her first song. She sang 30 minutes past her finale, ”Golden” and “Blessed”. Her voice broke the heat causing a breeze to flow as it bounced off the trees. She takes her ear piece off, throws her head back and closes with a soulful operatic version of “He Loves Me” doing the last verse in Spanish.

Was she worth going out in 100-degree weather, the cost for the tickets, walking 20 minutes to the par? Hell yeah!! I close with my only prayer that God sends her a husband that truly deserves all that she is – “a real woman!”

Check out Ms. Scott performing “The Way” below:

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