Jola the Trunk Boi

Is the world ready for So So Def’s new entity Jola? We’re labeling Jola an entity as opposed to a rapper or an artist due to his multi-layered bag of talent that resides right in the TRUNK, which is why Jola has quickly garnered a name like the “Trunk Boi”.
Upon first sight, Jola may look like the average MC, but when you see him start bumping his head and/or singing an eclectic tune that’s unknown to many a hip hop fan, you start to notice that there’s a lot more BEhind this musical force. Jola credits his musical madness to listening to artists like Cold Play, and even Lil Wayne, which BEcomes apparent in his style after your first taste of his mixtape, “I Went to Private School”.
Jola is wasting no time making the So So Def rounds. He’ll BE playing the love interest of his label mate Dondria in her upcoming video for “Shawty Wus Up” featuring Johnta Austin and Diamond.

We got a quick minute to talk with Jola on the set of Dondria’s video, but the scenario of us meeting Jola was BEyond meant-to-BE. As I approached the video set, (which included Jermaine Dupri, Johnta Austin, Bryan Michael Cox, Tameka Raymond (stylist), Diamond, Dondria and Jola) I received a call about another interview that’s set to happen in a future issue. As I told the person on the other end where I was, she instantly said, “Is Jola there?” At that time, I couldn’t pinpoint Jola by face, but after she put in a call to him, we quickly connected and even BEfore I officially reached him to introduce myself, we both blurted out the callers name, and it was a done deal from there.
Check out our video interview with JD’s latest prodigy Jola The Trunk Boi. Keep it locked to BE Mag for a follow up with Jola…we definitely understand that he was busy working on set. We appreciate the chop it up and look forward to lots more with the So So hopeful  “entity”.

Check out JOLA’s video for ”She Say”

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