Jonathan Clardy – In The Public Eye

BE-Style: Give me clarity on a Celebrity Publicist?

JC: Our jobs as a Publicist is to make sure that our clients are in the media. Rather it the internet and radio or the have them placed at strategic events to capture photos and images. As a celebrity publicist, I guess that I have graduated to dealing with only “upper scale” clients, star names. It makes that business more attractive

BE-Style: So is it a lot harder to get media attention around “under scale” clients?

JC: Yeah, it most definitely is harder. America is obsessed with celebrity and kind of live their lives vicariously through actors and entertaining by paying attention to what is mention in the media. So when I try to market the client, the question will be asked, Who is this person? So it is to my advantage to have noticeable clients.

BE-Style: Does reality tv stars influence or effect your business your business?

JC: Yes it does. But it’s kind of a double-edge sword. For some, it is God’s plan to for their lives to depicted on television so that their story may change or influence the lives of others. And then you have those that should have never been given to chance to display their behavior. Reality stars are sometimes a false since of entitlement once they get the recognition. Some feel as if they are deserving of the fame and all that comes with it just as those that actually put in the blood, sweat, and tears to make it in the industry. I feel that it has taken jobs from the real actors, those have the God given talent and work to perfect their craft.

BE-Style: How do you deal with the image of an overnight celebrity?

JC: It’s kind of organic. The publicity actually grows on it’s own. There are influence factors though. A lot depends on how the person actually governs themselves because I have had clients that I have just been told a flat out “NO.”

BE-Style: Do you target specific forms of media depending on the client?

JC: Yes, because they appeal to different demographics. It really depends on who the readers or viewers are for that publication. You could put Chaka Kahn on Good Housekeeping but not Snoop Dog. It is really predicated on how this person portrays themselves and if the editor’s feel that they would be of value to their readers. Will the readers by the magazine if the person is seen on the cover or a blurb saying that there is an exclusive interview?

BE-Style: So do you research the publication to submit your clients?

JC: Well being in the business for that last 23 years, I have acquired clients in the financial sector as well as celebrities. So I reach out to those entities that are conducive to the nature of my client.

BE-Style: When is it a good time to actually hire a publicist?

JC: There are several factors involved with a celebrity. We always look at people to see if they have the “IT” factor. This is composed of a look, the longevity of talent, their own personal beliefs and behavior. Does this person have the propensity or proclivity to be a celebrity? Many times, music artist hire a Publicist independently to make sure that they get the exposure and are placed in the public eye.

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