Joshua Heart LIVE at Jack Daniels Honey Concert Series

Indie Rocker Joshua Heart hit the stage earlier this week for the Jack Daniels Honey Concert Series & delivered an electrifying performance.

We were new to the Joshua Heart movement, so it was refreshing to see an artist take his craft so seriously on stage, but still have fun and play with the crowd. His seductive and androgynous lyrics and movements quickly won over the crowd, which included Kenya Kardashian (The Candy Shop Radio/, Dvante Black (The Kickback with Black), D.Woods, Nivea, & more.

Vintage Nation, Sin, & The Black Roses also hit the stage and gave heartfelt dope performances.

Follow @JoshuaHeart on IG & @JoshuaHeart1 on Twitter …his EP is set to release very soon so stay locked.

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One Reply to “Joshua Heart LIVE at Jack Daniels Honey Concert Series”

  1. That show was amazing! First TheBlackRoses gave us a incredibly energized show with a unique sound that I have never heard any were else and the Josh Heart takes the stage with a crazy rocked out set and what’s even better he jumped on stage with TheBlackRoses playing behind him. totally awesome show guys!!!!!!

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