June Ambrose: The Soul of it All


Macy’s Lenox Square, in Atlanta Georgia was the place to BE for their annual Black History Month “The Soul Era” event. On Friday February 6, the main level of Macy’s-Lenox was standing room only for this spectacular event!  In the presence of  fashion icon June Ambrose, the BEStyle team captured the true essence of how fashions of past and present have influenced African-American culture.  Not only has June Ambrose  styled some of the greatest leaders in music from Mary J. Blige, Missy Elliott, to Jay-Z, she is also a published author and creator of her own fashion brand on the Home Shopping Network, and continues to defy the odds with her unique style, grace, and elegance.

In an exclusive interview, June shared her professional experiences and highlights in a business that often times does not favor African-Americans. June was quoted in stating that “We are quick to celebrate the designers in Milan and Paris; however, it is much more important to celebrate our sisters and brothers that our taking a chance in creating and developing their own fashion brands”. Internationally known for her ground-breaking concepts for the historic “Supa Dupa Fly” video for Missy Elliott, June Ambrose continues to raise the bar and break down barriers for women of color in the business of  fashion and entrepreneurship.

Other notable participants in the Atlanta stop of  Macy’s 8 city “Black History Month Soul Era” Tour, included Costume Designer Johnetta Boone and Fashion Enthusiast/Author Dr. Courtney Hammonds. BE on the lookout for more pics from Macy’s Soul Era fashion Show Competition, panel discussion, and our exclusive 3-on-1 interview with the panel.

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Images Courtesy of Ralph Williams for E37 Photography

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