Juney Boomdata

Meet Juney Boomdata! He’s a name that if you haven’t already heard of, you will be in the full know sooner than later. His hit song “Wassup Wit Da Cookies” (to be politically correct) featuring Soulja Boy has managed to take over radio air waves and clubs all over the nation. With Juney being the next big Atlanta sensation, you know BE Magazine had to chop it up with him to learn about him and his new “cookie” movement.

Juney grew up on the Southside of Atlanta, and like many others that came up on his side, knew that he had to give his all to the one thing he’s consistently been passionate about since he was a 16 year old…music; well that and the topic of his first song, and you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that he’s not trying to take over Cookie Monster’s spot on Sesame Street. But Juney does seem to find himself on a thematic line when it comes to his music, which he’s confident will set him apart from the growing hip hop community in the A. “Man, I be on that pu$$y talk. The only advice I can give to other people is to stay in your own lane; be true to yourself.” While the concept may seem like a treasure for those artists that can’t seem to find their own niche, but for Juney, making the hit song was easy. “I was just in the lab clicking up like I usually do man, and I just went ahead and put that thang into play. [The song] was tearing up the club so much; they had to put it on the radio.”

Juney Boomdata is signed to Asylum Records, next to some of the big names in the industry including Slim (formerly of 112), Shawty Lo, Gucci Mane, OJ Da Juice, and has no plans of being a silent wonder. Boomdata has already begin working on the business side by starting his own label 50/50 Entertainment, where Juney is proud to call himself CEO. Of course Juney knows he has to get his own situation right before he can start signing artists under his own imprint, but just the fact that he’s already dotting his i’s and crossing his t’s lets you know that he plans on bringing longevity to the game.

Along with turning on the radio (and BET soon) to catch “Wassup Wit Da Cookies”, Juney is also featured on the new Soulja Boy album iSouljaBoyTellEm on track number 12, “Go ‘head”. He’s also on the hook of another hit ATL song, “Polo”, and he just released two songs to national radio, “Assume Da Position” and “Drop the Bass”. If you’re not checking for Boomdata on BE Entertained Magazine, you can also look for him the latest issue(s) of Ozone Magazine and on The Source.com

Visit www.myspace.com/boomdata for more on this up and coming rapper.

 Here’s a little preview of Juney’s official Cookies remix featuring Soulja Boy…If you’re in the A, make sure you keep your ears open for information on Juney’s video shoot going down real soon!

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