K. Michelle – Honest Music

Every now and then you run into an artist whose pleasant spirit is directly parallel with their talent. From first sight, it’s clear that K.Michelle has something to her, and once you hear her velvety voice, you quickly see why even before she can drop a debut album, she’s received the stamp of approval from big name artists like Missy, R.Kelly, and Gucci Mane. K.Michelle’s claim to fame isn’t a likely story, but it’s one that many artists are coming closer to terms with.

With the recent and quick rise of new social networking sites Facebook and Twitter, many people assume that the starter of it all – Myspace – has served its purpose, and its stint in BEing important has come and gone. K.Michelle would have a very different story to tell. This Memphis, Tennessee rising artist made a Myspace page & within a week had captured the attention of the right people, who obviously knew more of the right folk, and the writing’s been on the wall ever since. K.Michelle is simply refreshing! Her tale is one that could easily and instantly make her a fan favorite. She’s a single mother whose music chronicles the plights and good times of the average woman.

My album is called Pain Medicine. I like to think of it as medicine for the soul. Sometimes I’m in a playful mood, or I have to fake it…you know women have to fake it sometimes, other times it might not be my day. I actually have a record called “Just Not My Day”; so whatever I write about will always have some substance, I’m not just in the studio writing and singing whatever. Anything that you hear from me is brought forth from emotions. I wanted to make honest music so that it translates over well to everybody.

K.Michelle took the time to sit down with BE Magazine & give the real on her upcoming project, her deal with Hitz Committee/Jive, and how she plans to make an imprint on music. Make sure you click the divshare player to hear the full interview with singer/writer K.Michelle.



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