Kalenna Harper’s “Chamber of Diaries” Reviewed

It’s BEen over a year since the rising of Kalenna Harper, mom, sister, and friend of many. Kalenna is one of today’s hottest upcoming artists and one of Diddy’s leading ladies of Dirty Money. Kalenna is more than an act; she’s a new era hot-stepper. Displaying more than anyone could ever expect, especially coming from all of the efforts Diddy has presented to the world throughout the years. A couple of months back during a 9th Wonder documentary release party, I found myself networking through the room and lo and BEhold I have Jason Weaver standing in front of me. Chopping it up over his latest adventures,theone person who he so “glee-d” over the most is Kalenna Harper. Referring to her as his sister, and elated about her new project which he protested to BE-“the dopest thing ever”. Little did I know he was right!

There aren’t many females in today’s game that you can attest to putting out more than sappy lost-love songs. Kalenna is, singlehandedly, changing all perspectives with “Chamber of Diaries”. It exudes something that evokes your alter ego, displays how hard women love, and what reckless affairs take place in and out of partying and bullshit. Miss Harper gives the listener raw details of what it means to be a woman including her bad ass appeal. As the edgy fly-girl beams through your speakers with DJ Kash in the interlude they transition into a David Guetta inspired track entitled track, “Feeling Good”. As the track plays I envision choreography BEing killed by aspiring dancers, and letting loose in ATL’s after spot “Noni’s” fist pumping all night!

Jumping into more than a four page letter, Kaleena explains how she was her love’s, “Ladder”. Later, swaying into a personal version of Drake’s ”The Motto” stating, “Diddy made me SH-T on all of ya’ll”. Then back on the love scene with my personal favorite “S on my Chest”… singing ”If you don’t need me then I guess you’re not breathing”- ladies that is the perfect reminder that your man needs when things get rocky.

The elevated series proceeds with love breakthroughs, and ass shaking tracks like, “Matte Black Truck”, “Put it in the bag”, “6,000 Sistas” and “GO TO WORK (Remix)” with various artists.
Desiring the appeal of enumerated expressions, Kaleena Harper presents to you “Chamber of Diaries”.


Where DOPENESS is prevailed….

Written By: Lola B. / @YoungGriot

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