Kandi – Sweet & Sour

Bravo has obviously struck a goldmine with their mega-hit series The Real Housewives, but no other cast reigns supreme like the Real Housewives of Atlanta, or RHOA (for all you Tweeple that have to keep it under that 140 character quota).

It’s not that everyone doesn’t love the ladies of New Jersey, New York, and Orange County, but the Atlanta crew has that “bring em out” flair that has rightfully gained them the title of the Queens of Bravo…them other chicks aren’t gathering viewers in the neighborhood of 4 million plus, so it is what it is.

Even new cast member Kandi Burrus has positioned herself (quite well might I add) on that throne, (don’t worry, it won’t BE next to Ne-Ne!!!), and is quickly evolving into the “Queen B” that everybody loves…or hates! Don’t get it twisted, she AIN’T concerned!!! Kandi’s name is secure in the game, & has been for ions in industry years, so creating friendships wasn’t a focal point on RHOA, but most can’t help but love her southern grown woman swag, which even translates to women well because she’s that crazy wild out home girl that can, nine times out of ten, express their deepest of experience through the inner artform of songwriting. Ok, I could see you getting it twisted again, so let me BE clear…Kandi is raw vocally & BEhind the scenes! Y’all know that though huh? Countless ATLiens still get in the whip & pull out a lil old school “Just Kick It”. Kandi’s actually responsible for a number of anthems penned for ultra hotness from TLC to Destiny’s Child, which still makes me have to reroute to the songs that she’s smashed herself with industry dopeness like T-Pain, E40, Rick Ross, Rashida, & the list goes on…

So why Reality TV?

Drama, Drama, Drama?

Well it’s known to every man, woman, & child that the BIG “D” is a key component to making these type of reality shows boom & oh, has the RHOA boomed! They all could BE getting their boom boom pow on, but their has to BE that drama to keep the party going…or kill it!

Could it BE a means to spread all that sweet Kandi around? Or just something else to to seal & conquer? Or is Kandi keeping up with her name & ready to show America just how sweet & sour her ATL Kandi can BE? Let Kandi tell you herself! She chopped it up with BE Magazine to give the real about the why’s, the how’s, the WHO’s and the what’s of her role on Real Housewives of Atlanta. You don’t want to miss a second of the interview as she gets real honest about the current situation with fellow RHOA cast member Ne-Ne Leakes & all of the DRAMA revolving around the call that got extra A-Town rowdy on the radio…& ok, a lil honest about her fiance (or ex-fiance?!?!?!) AJ. We did talk about that cuteness Riley though, so go ahead & check it out…you will BE ENTERTAINED!!!! (Here’s one thing you can count on; Kandi won’t BE DeShawned next season!!!!)

There’s MORE!!!! Make sure you check out part 2 of our interview…

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