Kandi & Tank Concert LIVE in Atlanta

R&B crooners Kandi & Tank both released albums yesterday (12/14), and to kick off their release, they hosted a concert at Atlanta’s Center Stage the night BEfore. Both acts catered to the crowd showcasing the BEst selections from their new albums entitled Kandi Koated & Now of Never.

Check out some pics from both sets. This definitely was a concert for the ladies! The life and times of Kandi always resonates well with with her RHOA crowd, and Tank completely comes on and captivates the women with his melodic tone. I definitely have to give it up to my Milwaukee homie Tank; his set ripped Center Stage a new one! He had 3 outfit changes, props, and even gave his background singers lots of time to shine. I’m more than a fan now! Go get that album!!!!

BE on the lookout for VIDEO footage from both acts!

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