Keeping It Fresh For Fall

Just like the changes in the season bring about the need for appropriate clothing, this is also a great time to change fragrances. Many types of cologne are designed with aromas that are perfect for the time of year. In choosing a fragrance, a man should always make sure that he takes his choice very carefully. When a man goes shopping for a well made suit, gets a great haircut, and purchases his dream car, it is also important for him to choose a complimenting cologne to complete the effect. A lot of men do not take the time to find a signature scent but end up wearing colognes with notes of tobacco-and-coriander-laced colognes the don’t not match their natural pheromones. This results in colognes that don’t last on one’s skin or an offensive smell to the noses of the passers by.

A few hints on finding your complimentary or signature scent for the fall season.

Consider your lifestyle

You should never just choose cologne merely based on a good smelling magazine sample. You also want to take a look into your lifestyle and consider your options. What types of food do you prefer on a regular basis and do you consume alcohol or smoke? Do you have an active daily life? When you perspire, the foods that you ingest come to the surface of your skin. These are all elements that one must consider when choosing a fragrance. So be mindful when choosing your next cologne. 


Determine your skin type

You need to know what type of skin you have. Rather your skin is oily or dry. Just as the hair on your body keeps the scent of the cologne close to you, oily skin enhances and intensifies your cologne. The natural odors that are secreted from the skin of moist and oily skin respond more to lighter citrus-based scents. If you have dry or sensitive skin, your skin type does not hold the scent as long. So instead of applying more and more of cologne, you should try using a thicker or heavier fragrance. A heavier cologne will actually last longer than a lighter fragrance.

Here are my chooses for great fragrance chooses:

Play by Givenchy


Diamonds by Armani


L’ Homme by Yves Saint Laurent  


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