Kelly Price on BEing 12 Years Old…

Kelly Price is an industry veteran, in fact, she’s 12 years old in industry years. BE Entertained Magazine recently got the opportunity to chat with Kelly Price about her 12 year run in the music/entertainment industry. This is like a quick lesson in Superstar 101, so get out your pads…class is in session!

“I liken it to when I listen to artists that start off as kids, and when they do their 1st record when they’re 12, 13, or 14 years old, you can tell that shift. They get a couple albums in, you know when they’ve had their 1st kiss, you know when they’ve stepped off into womanhood or manhood. You can tell. It’s not about what they’re saying in the song, but what they’re emoting when they sing it. For me, I feel like that I can put things emotionally when I sing today that I absolutely couldn’t do 12 years ago; BE it the experiences I’ve had, or if it’s BEcause I’ve learned how to process the ones from back then, and I couldn’t process them then, but now I can…”

Kelly Price1

Kelly’s new single “Tired” is tearing up the radio airwaves, quickly climbing the charts, while instantly BEing coined as a 2010 woman’s anthem. Make sure you look out for lots more w/ BE Entertained Magazine & Kelly Price.

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