Kelly Rowland: BEhind the music

BE Magazine had the opportunity to catch up with international pop star Kelly Rowland a few days ago. She was in Atlanta, Georgia to accept an award for “Her Story,” which was presented by publishing organization ASCAP to showcase the unique stories of women making it in the world of entertainment. [For more on the event itself, and PICS, click HERE. BE Magazine also salutes, Hannah Kang of Grand Hustle and Music.Business.Politics., DJ Traci Steele of V-103, and entertainment attorney Sandra Brown for also BEing honored] The former Destiny’s Child member opened up about her hardships and struggles during her ascent and even answered the “why’s” she is often asked regarding the evolution of her sound. She did not abandon R&B and Kelly is feeling more confident as she matures in this business. Check out the pics and video BElow.

Kelly was asked, “Have you found who you are in this business as a solo artist?” by host Rashaan Ali [also from V-103]. “I think you still continue to search for who you are,” Kelly explains. “For me, my urban roots haven’t gone anywhere. I just happened to try something, and it got me a Grammy. You know what I mean? I’m not being funny. But I’m just saying, that’s what happens. I just wanted to try something new. I don’t think we should pigeonhole ourselves as artists, period. We’re allowed to try something different all the time. But for me, my urban roots didn’t go anywhere. And, I still love R&B till the day I die. Everyone’s been asking me, ‘Well you’re on this dancing kick and what is that about,’ I tried something. It worked.”

Kelly’s keys to success? “Passion. Hard work. Continuing to push. But it’s hard work. I remember going to sing in front of grocery stores, day cares, all kinds of places I refuse to say right now that were so embarrassing — that myself and the girls used to go and sing in front of…I remember me and the girls waiting to sing outside for SWV outside of the hotel.” The worldwide icon went on to say how she personally tries to offer support to those who send her Facebook and Twitter messages. “We all gotta help each other. If I’m getting money you’re supposed to be getting money with me!”

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