Keri Hilson's Perfect World


Ms. Keri’s Perfect World

The wait is OVER! Join us as we take a look at Keri Hilson’s Perfect World

Tomorrow may possibly begin the “Perfect World” that Keri Hilson has oh-so-patiently been awaiting. What do you say about an album that’s had more release dates & push backs than hit singles off said project? If you’re Ms. Hilson, you can still say “SCORE” because a great project is always better than a rushed one. And a solo artist’s debut rarely has room for failure.

Keri Hilson is no secret to BE Magazine readers, nor to anyone who’s been riding the musical wave of the latter part of this decade. Along with gracing the cover of our Issue III, she’s penned some of the most prevalent songs in the industry, so why has it seemingly been so hard for her to make her mark as a solo artist? Some speculate that it’s not necessarily a self-inflicted wound, while others have hypothesized about her lack-luster talent as a singer/entertainer plaguing her career thus far. Either way, Ms. Keri (baby) is ready to prove that she in fact does have the star power to take her career to the next level.

After spending most of the day yesterday with, “In a Perfect World” on repeat at home, we can say with confidence that this may be as close to “debut perfection” as Keri can get. She possesses a unique, captivating energy that wins you over from the “Intro.” Yes, that’s the name of track one. In fact, what makes each track “hot” is the same formula that makes “Turning Me On” a monster single (Note how even though Hilson released “Energy” and “Return the Favor” as videos, “Turning Me On” turned out to be the first #1 single) – you can’t tell who is singing. That’s synonymous with the entire album. We often times found ourselves wondering whether we were listening to a new, improved Ciara (sorry CiCi), Lil Mo, or even at times a modern day Cyndi Lauper. Maybe its Keri’s years of penning (and demo-ing) tracks for others – she is a chameleon on a song. She can sound like virtually anyone.

The BE Team was immediately drawn to tracks like “Slow Dance”, “Make Love”, and of course the song that’s quickly replacing “Turning Me On” as the #1 radio banger, “Knock You Down” which features Kanye West & Ne-Yo. “Make Love” is the track that combines the sexiness of Ciara’s “Promise,” infused with a Cyndi Lauper aura. Whomever she is referring to with sexy lyrics, “Tonight we’re gonna do something different/Tonight we’re gonna touch a little different/I’m gonna wait on you hand and foot like the king you are baby/Just lay back and I’ll show you the way” makes you feel like they are the luckiest person on earth, and that’s only a taste of what the album offers.

We all know Keri is no joke on a collabo…she first garnered mainstream attention on Timbaland’s “The Way I Are.” She’s also tag-teamed tracks with Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, T-Pain, and “In a Perfect World” is no different. You can expect banging callabos with Keyshia Cole, Trina, and Akon to go along with those aforementioned. It’s also obvious that Keri is a lyrical wizard so her having written on each and every track is no surprise. What we like most is that Keri tries to cover untouched ground lyrically. She tries to talk about issues regarding live and love from a different perspective to what is already out there sonically.

All in all, it’s a perfect world when you can give a little of yourself, pull back when necessary, create a lil buzz to stir your pot, and then drop a solid product to solidify the hard work and the long wait. Welcome to Miss Keri Lynn Hilson’s “Perfect World”…you can have a little taste in stores and iTunes tomorrow, March 24th.

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