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Kim RoBErts was born in Toronto, Canada. Her mother is from the creole Island of Dominica and her late father was from Jamaica. In the early 90’s Kim played the “Smart Doctor” in a Canadian commercial for BEnalyn Cough Syrup and made history as the first Canadian woman of African descent, to BE the speaking lead in a national ad campaign. Kim also won a Harold Award for Theatre in 1996, ironically, her cousin is actor Richard Leacock. We here at BE Magazine had the pleasure of talking with Kim about her career and where she sees herself in the coming years.
How do you feel about your expansive career? That’s a good question. I haven’t really looked back and had that moment just yet. I’m too busy still doing! ,but I think that once I slow down and get older. Me and my grand kids and nieces and nephews are gathered and can sit look back and see the trail of success and goals I achieved.

Growing up did you always want to act? You know its crazy acting is something I did just kind of fall into. from as early as I can remember I’ve always been in pursuit of acting. When I was younger I was apart of a group of performers called “The Friendship Circle” and we performed songs and skits around the city at different schools. We loved doing it and while at school I took drama classes and theater workshops. I studied theater for a year at York University. From there I met someone while acting and auditioned for a play they were doing and the rest as they say is history.

What do you think it takes to BE a successful actor? Good Question. I don’t know if I could define that but that’s the BEauty of acting . Everyone is so unique and talented in their own right. Everything that I have and do may BE different than others, we all have our own methods. But there are the basics that everyone should know like BE on time, Know your lines, and find your own voice.

What was/is one of your greatest moments so far as an actor? Working with Director Todd Hanes on a movie called “I’m Not There” . Which is a story about Bob Dylan. It’s told through 5 different actors. It was a pleasure and honor to work on that.

Can you talk to us about “Remedy” and your character? Yes its a new show for global television. I’m in the 10th episode and I play “Aunt Priscilla”. She comes all the way from Ghana for a visit. She is like that family member that you love but would also love to strangle! LOL. She may have a little too much to say but she was a real joy to play. I had to practice my accent and make sure i pulled it off . The writing is wonderful and i’m just excited to see it myself .

Where Do you see yourself 5 years from now? I see myself hopefully on a beach, relaxing enjoying the downtime. I would love to be doing 1 to 2 movies a year. but enjoying life and living for the most part in the Caribbean.


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