#KingAmiyah Reveals Why She’s More Than Just A BEautiful Face


Model, Socialite, Public Figure, Makeup Guru, Weave/Lace specialist, & now a BE Magazine Doll

Stunning, BEautiful, alluring, and impeccable. These are all words that come to mind upon meeting Amiyah Scott, but BEyond her ravishing BEauty, lies an intellectual BEing full of depth, courage, and, above all, confidence and inspiration. 

Amiyah Scott is a 26 year old transgender BEauty. Born in Manhattan, New York, but raised in New Orleans, Amiyah has struggled with some of life’s most unimaginable obstacles. Early on Amiyah realized she was not in the body of which she was born to BE. In her early teens she BEgan her transition to BEcome the unrivaled BEauty of a woman she is today.

Amiyah has participated in and won several balls within the LGBT community which garnered her much attention and immediate recognition as a star within the community. Unfortunately, Amiyah did not receive the same acceptance from her family, friends nor the inhabitants of her hometown. Although she struggled to gain the same acceptance from those closest to her, she was never discouraged. Amiyah was motivated to make a difference; motivated to inspire, promote confidence, and share her experiences not only with other struggling transgender individuals but with anyone who needed her. It is without a doubt, Amiyah owes her current acceptance with her family and friends not to her prepossessing exterior but to her spiritual and caring nature.


Soon after hurricane Katrina, her unrivaled beauty, honesty, and genuine openness helped transition her to BEcome a star amongst pop culture. No longer only a model, but a definitive, well-known socialite, Amiyah’s mission to inspire and spread confidence was well on it’s way. Today, Amiyah is known for her bold and BEautiful appearance, personality, and confidence.

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Q: Tell us about some of your goals for the Amiyah Scott brand..
A: I want my brand to inspire others to BE who they are and do what they love without fear of judgement. I’m a fan of all things glamour and BEauty, whether it be inside or out. I can see product lines showcasing some of my favorites and also seminars assisting in the teaching of techniques and application of some of the products that I’m interested in.

Q: What do you contribute to the huge following you’ve gathered over social media?
A: Support. I put myself out there without fear of what others will say. I receive a lot of criticism for BEing myself, but I never let it define or discourage me and that inspires others. People have seen what others say and they show support by following, commenting, and complimenting and I always show my appreciation.

Q: How do you respond to the recent mentions in celebrity rumors/scandals?
(One of them scandals, even I was a lil envious LOL)
A: I don’t. Lol. I don’t let the nonsense get to me. Daily, I find out something new about myself. It no longer bothers me. I’m aware that with popularity comes rumors so I’ve gotten to the point where I understand that it comes with the territory. I don’t knock anyone for what they do, nor judge, but my community has a stigma of BEing sex workers/sexual objects, and if any reaction, my biggest goal is to help break that stereotype for the transgender community. We are people that live and love just like the next.. We deserve more respect.

Q: What/how have you impacted brands that you support?
A: I’m known for my style, my hair and makeup. So many people inquire about these things, so when I support a certain brand and show favor towards a certain brand people take note and value my opinion.

Q: What’s your favorite brand of makeup?
A: I actually love all makeup, from anywhere! You’d be surprised, there are a lot of hidden gems in the bottom of your local drugstore discount bin.. Lol. Im at the point where I’m experimenting and trying new makeup brands.. I, of course, love MAC. I’ve recently fallen in love with AJ Crimson’s foundation.. and Chanel lip colors.

Q: What types of movies do you like?
A: I love a good Comedy, but I’m a hopeless romantic so I’m always down for a love story. *sighs*

Q: What is an ideal date for you?
A: It’s funny, BEcause had you asked me this a year ago I’d probably given you a long list of elaborate activities, planned down to the flowers I would expect upon arrival and all the things that I would expect that person to do.. But honestly, at this point, I’m more interested in getting to know someone in a private atmosphere.. One-on-one time… Don’t get me wrong, I love going places, especially places I’ve never BEen. But, some of the BEst dating moments I’ve experienced have BEen in the comfort of my own home.. With let’s say, a 20 piece hot wing combo, a good movie, my potential boo and mayBE a cocktail… Yep, that sounds ideal to me!

Q: I personally think women should always wear a sickening pump; What say you?
A: Absolutely. I always say a lady should have high heels and even higher standards.

Q: To whom can you credit much of your presence and growth?
A: My parents. It’s not that they always understood or agreed with all of my decisions, but they love me enough to care about what I want. They BElieve in me, look past their personal BEliefs, motivate me and push me to be happy! And for that I’m forever grateful.

Q: With its current state, would you have changed your involvement in the ballroom scene?
A: I’m not even aware of its current state, I distanced myself a while back, for no negative reason, but personal growth.. Most of the attention I received early on stemmed from the ballroom scene, so it’ll always have a special place in my heart.

Q: BEing vulnerable can BE viewed as a weakness but how have you used your weak moments as strengths?
A: I learned from them. Honestly, I’m a very strong person. Sometimes too strong.. I’m my most vulnerable in love.. Actually, that’s one of my few weaknesses.

Q: What challenges do you face on a daily basis?
A: Honestly, my biggest challenge is BEcoming a better person than I was yesterday. That’s my constant mission. Improving myself.. That’s my biggest challenge.

Q: Has your life choices made you a happier individual when you close your eyes at night?
A: Absolutely! I’m so satisfied with myself that I sometimes cry in disbelief.. I’m no where near finished, as far as life, career and many other aspects.. But personally I’m so satisfied with myself physically that even if I didn’t do another thing or take another picture, I’d still BE okay.

Q: When did you know that you were not comfortable in your skin and felt the need to transition into a new you?
A: That’s such a difficult question only BEcause it was an ongoing battle for a long time! I’ve always felt and have BEen “feminine”, But that was BEfore I even knew it was possible to transition.. Once I gained the knowledge needed to take the first step towards transitioning (15), I made the decision permanent when I was 17. BEst decision of my life.

Q: What would you say to encourage persons currently experiencing identity issues or struggling with love of one’s self?
A: I would say take your time, be sure and follow your heart. This is not a game and it is no where near as easy as it may seem. It’s a constant struggle, but one that, though difficult, is rewarding. You have to love yourself first, that’s major! If you don’t love you, no one else will.

Q: Are you the woman you ideally envision for yourself?
A: Indeed. I’m so satisfied with myself, it’s surreal at times.

Q: As times progresses, what or who will King Amiyah Scott BEcome? What does the future hold?
A: The possibilities are endless! I’m such a free spirit interested in so much that the world has to offer that I honestly feel the world is my playground. I’m really excited to see what the future holds.

Q: Leave one last thing to your supporters… anything.. ?
A: Thank you! Thank you so so so much!  Sometimes things aren’t always easy for me.. And what motivates me other than providing for my family are the people who BElieve in me. When I transitioned there weren’t many positive transgender role models… There was no transgender that I could look at and say “Wow, if she did it, I can!” I was so confused and longing for the answers that I’ve recently discovered.. I just want my supporters and people who may feel like I felt to know that they are not alone… I want them to know that it’s okay to BE the best you that you can BE. That you are entitled to BE happy and do whatever you have to do to achieve that.

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[Photographer: Rocquez Fluellen | Makeup: Manny Davila | Hair: Kellon Deryck | Concept: Assad Tyler & Maurice Lawyer | Location: Antonio Brown | Props: Latisha Robb & Christian Knowles]

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