Kolby Flakes is ‘Coping and Cowering’ with Art

Just down the street from the Atlanta Football Classic game between FAMU and TSU, a viewing took place at The Wine Shoe for Kolby Flakes’ Coping and Cowering collection. The 13 pieces are “inspired by the actions we make, or lack thereof, due to uncertainty,” says Flakes. “Regardless of any assumed strength [these pieces embrace] the color created by acknowledging and embracing vulnerability.”

The art was organized into a courtyard and patrons and invited guests were able to browse the pieces – ranging from “She Means Business” to “I Want Him Alive!” – and purchase them outright or choose prints. Kolby has been a professional artist for about a decade so we asked him what art means to him. “Art is an opportunity to have a dialogue that creates layers of conversation between the piece, the process, the purpose, and the viewer.”

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