Konsole Kingz Fuse Hip-Hop, Fashion, and Gaming for XBOX Live

BE Magazine had the wonderful opportunity to speak with Konsole Kingz as they announce the launch of their new “Hip-Hop Fashion” themed store called ULTRAFRESH for gaming giant Microsoft XBOX.

Who is Konsole Kingz you ask? Well they are an Atlanta based corporation that is looking to not only lead, but change the world of gaming by fusing the popular mode of online game-play with Fashion and current Hip-Hop trends that they see some of there favorite artist wear. Konsole Kingz have BEen apart of the XBOX community and marketplace since 2007 and have delivered content that revolves around celebrity game enthusiasts and the urban gamers lifestyle alike.

CEO of Konsole Kingz CJ Peters BElieves that “there is a huge market for urban fashion to extend their brand through Ultrafresh“. He added,  “I want to position Konsole Kingz as the leader in virtual goods for the video game world and also as a company, position ourselves to be one of the most influential and innovative brands in “Hip Hop“.


Ultrafresh is providing followers of Hip-Hop a new and exciting way to express themselves on XBOX 360 system. Gamers can purchase items such as rapper Soulja Boy famous S.O.D chain and a Khaki suit made famous by west coast rapper The Game. There are about 5 items added now but more clothing and accessories are being added monthly and throughout 2013. These exclusive items range in price from about 80 to 320 (Microsoft Points).

“I’m really involved in the video game world and excited about giving my fans a fresh new look for their avatars. My fans have asked for my S.O.D chain before and now I’m giving them another way to be down with my SODMG group”- Soulja Boy

“I ended up choosing the Khaki suit because that best represents what my fan base wears. You have to have a fresh Khaki suit where I’m from. I know gamers will BE turnt up about this item” -The Game

— Visit the Konsole Kingz UltraFresh Avatar Store –  http://bit.ly/KKZUltrafreshStore

— Follow Konsole Kingz on Twitter – https://twitter.com/KONSOLEKINGZ

— Like Konsole Kingz on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/KKZAllDay

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