La Pearla Introduces Menswear at Pitti Uomo!!

The luxury lounge wear market has now expanded its reach even further into men’s wear and it’s not just with lycra or comfy front sacks but with cashmere and silks. I don’t find myself often confused with regards to my take on a collection or a designer’s point-of-view but here is one of those rare occurrences. I partially love the idea of luxurious lounge wear; then again, I don’t really get this particular interpretation …..

La Perla, the historically feminine and sexy lingerie brand has launched its men’s wear collection during Pitti Uomo this past Spring Summer season, which will hit La Perla retailers in December 2014. The collection reveals a softer side to men’s beachwear and assorted lounge wear. Head creative genius, Emiliano Rinaldi stayed true to the aesthetic of the brand with masculine tailoring and the manipulation of the highest grade cottons, jacquard silks, raffia fabrics, and cashmere.

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As a single man and nobody’s father, when it’s time for me to get ready for bed, it is definitely not in a pair of high-waist cashmere trousers or raffia fabric kimonos. I personally, find the coolest, most relaxing undergarments and I just want to sleep… LOL… On the other hand, I get the grown man in comfortable house coats and respectful clothing while entertaining house guests. Will the mix and match of garments translate into to outerwear, that is yet to BE determined..

I surely could see myself wearing the tracksuits and beach shorts. And once my long work days are over, when I can sit back while the checks roll in, I too may have the desire to luxuriate in La Perla!



Source: La Perla


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