Layering a Must: Men’s Wear Autumn 2012


I can’t BEgin to express my excitement for this years men’s wear collections. As always and how many times I have said, this is my favorite time of the year as your Birdz Eye Vue into the minds of designers, reporter of trends, a consumer, and all around “fashionado” (from my pal E Vincent Martinez). Designers really bring out their ‘A’ games for Fall fashion BEcause this is the transitional season and consumers are flocking to racks to find what BEst fit an already existing wardrobe. Men’s wear has BEen somewhat stagnant but I love that we are getting more daring designers as we recognize the prominence of men that love to dress. Regardless of your budget, there are pieces out their to make any lady thirst to see what’s under those layers and in this day, a man tooooooo!! (oh hush conservatives)… Here are a few of my favorties options for Fall 2012.

Men’s Wear Autumn 2012

Y-3: Imagine BEing taken on a trip through Mohabi desert and packing cross the Appalachian mountians, then ask yourself, “What would I need?” The answer is simple when witnessing the Y-3 Fall 2012 collection from creative director Dirk Schönberger. From the moment I learned of Y-3, the pairing of Yohji Yomamoto & Adidas, I wondered if this was the creation of super natural forces. It seemed almost to perfect to BE true. It seemed to BE an unparralleled pairing of skill and 


Ralph Lauren: It would BE sudden death if I were to talk about my favorite season & favorite trends without mentioning the genius known to man as Ralph Lauren. The founder and creative force BEhind Ralph Lauren’s Purple Label, Black Label, Black Label Denim, Polo and RLX Ralph Lauren collections, has also BEen my go to for timeless men’s wear. Here again, he never leads me astray. The American juggernaut presented complimentary garments from all his labels to deliver a strong, fashionable man with a polished finish. Always the go to for a sharply tailored peacoat, Lauren also offer consumers leather motorcycle jackets with sherling, knit sweaters, prestine suiting, rugged denim, & vibrant colors.


3.1 Phillip Lim


Please research your favorite online boutiques, retailers, and web site of all aforementioned designers.

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