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Justin Bieber is continuing his tour of pissing people off. It seems that lately no news is truly good news when it comes to this guy. The 19 year old was arrested on yesterday, 1/23/14, for driving under the influence of weed and alcohol. The cops stopped the Biebs a little after 4am as he raced his yellow Lambo against a red Ferrari driven being by 19 year old Def Jam artist Khalil Sharieff. The teens enjoyed their leisurely match in a residential Miami neighborhood, driving up to 60 mph in a 30 mph zone.

Both Justin and Khalil were arrested, but Justin wasn’t planning to go down without a fight. He is said to have had some choice words for his detaining officers before, infact, failing a field sobriety test. After an hour spent in an orange jumpsuit Biebs was given a bail of $2,500 and released to reek more havoc. Justin was released wearing an all black outfit, hoodie and leather baggy pants, and picked up by a black Cadillac Escalade atop of which he sat and waved to his adoring fans.

Ugh I can’t even comment on this situation without feeling like I’m becoming my parents. But I do have a burning desire to sit this boy down and give him a good few words, none of which are nice. In an effort not to feel like an elder, I’m just going so suggest that Mr. Bieber takes a stadium full of SEATS AND LISTENS. There’s plenty of time to BE a “douche,” don’t try to fit it all into one year JEEEZE! YOU’RE 19 and are acting as if you’re fulfilling your bucketlist now…SIT!!

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