Le'Che Martin

Le’Che Martin needs no introduction when it comes to all she’s done in the game! From going quite far on MTV’s Making the Band (the 1st Danity Kane experience), to BEcoming a world reknowned songwriter for superstars like Brandy and even the non-existent group that she never made, Danity Kane. She’s the type of artist that’s just got it! Le’Che (pronounced Lay Shay) Martin knows both end of the spectrum & either can BE the platform from which her career soars, but this Milwaukee, WI native plans on both BEing the force BEhind the music, & I mean literally…she’s BEen on the background track of plenty hot joints, and has a huge fan base with her own music with she co-writes with her writing team.

Talking with Le’Che felt like chopping it up with a homegirl because she’s extra passionate about her many crafts. As she poured out her heart about the fortunate hand that life is dealing her, I quickly became engulfed in her humble spirit. Lots of artists, and reality tv stars, live life with a “God’s gift” mentality, but Le’Che recognizes the blessing in being given a platform to further her career, which didn’t always seem possible.

Le’Che Martin traveled to California for her initial audition for Making the Band, but was denied the chance to go further. “I thought the [Cali] audition was the last leg of auditions, but when I got home, I heard about another audition in Chicago. I wasn’t going to go at first, but then I thougt about my purpose for going out to Cali to try out, and why I really wanted to try out for the show in general, which was to just grow and get better through learning. I think rejection is learning as well, so I decided to try out again, plus it was only in Chicago & if I can travel out to Cali, I definitely can get an hour away to Chicago.” The trp ended up BEing well worth it, especially since Le’Che was asked to come to New York, and eventually made it into the house…which is where the MTB3 drama really went down. While Le’Che was often times a silent force, you did get the chance to see her give her input on the ever-so drama driven “Den Mother” Jason…can’t you just hear “DIVAAAAA” BEing yelled right now. Le’Che was also seen getting her Milwaukee on when her and fellow cast member Lavonte (who was brought in from Atlanta after Diddy wasn’t BElieving in the talent already brought into the house) had a minor cat-fight (ok…Le’Che had to slap Lavonte’s hand out of her face). With all things up in the air (the making of what would once BE known to the world as Danity Kane), Le’Che was sent home, and a few new girls were brought in the equation, which only made Le’Che work harder to get to where she is now, which can simply BE summed up into one word…MADE!!!!

Le’Che feels blessed to BE able to live the life she leads! Every experience she’s been in has only made her stronger & has put her closer to fulfilling her life’s passion which is music. Whether she’s gracing stages (which she fully intends on), or working BEhind the scenes with the likes of Rico Love,

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