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The BE Magazine Staff recently got the chance to BE apart of a new and amazing taste craze. We were officially CheeseCaked, the term used by so many of the satisfied customers privilege to try this delectable dessert. These amazing treats come with an amazing story and with every bite, you taste triumph. Owner Shawn Brown was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Shawn is a single mother who has managed to turn many tragedies into triumphs. She is a former real estate agent who has always had a passion for baking. After recovering from the near fatal accident with a drunk driver that lead to the death of her 10 week old son, she BEgan to search for new ways to relieve stress and find a sense of peace and joy to her and those around her. CheeseCaked BEing her favorite dessert, Shawn started with familiar recipes.

BEing an innovative take on a tradition dessert, CheeseCaked has managed to dominate a lane for the last 3 years, which they’ve created all their own. Their flavors are amazing; the decor and their packaging are a very high priority.  They value delivered to their customers by with the experience of the flavors in each cupcake, leaves them knowing that CheeseCaked has done everything possible flavor with each dessert. They are always raising the bar with their flavors and this has certainly BEen a winning mindset for the company. CheeseCaked add imagination and love from the generational recipes we are all used to. Healthy eating is a big part of the CheeseCaked brand, which is why they are devoted to creating a variety of options for the weight conscious customer. CheeseCaked also provides gluten free options. I will honestly have to say, my top favorites have BEen the OMG: (cheesecake crowned with brownies, caramel, pecans and whipped cream, hence the name “Oh My Goodness”) and the Proud Mama: (rich peanut butter and chocolate enriched with cheesecake and small chunks of peanut butter cups – topped with whipped cream and a peanut butter cup). I haven’t tried all of the flavors just yet, but it is on my list.


Currently CheeseCaked can BE ordered online www.cheesecaked.com or Amazon.com

The desserts can BE purchased and in select locations such as Nancy’s Pizza Buckhead, It’s Poppin Bakery, and more. Twitter & IG : @CheeseCaked

To learn more about owner Shawn Brown’s amazing Tragedy to Triumph Story visit www.iamshawnbrown.com

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