Lil Boosie: Bad vs Good?

Lil Boosie


November 2009 is shaping up to be quite a month for Baton Rouge, Louisiana native Torrence Hatch. Better known as  Lil Boosie “Bad Azz,” Hatch will celebrate his 26th birthday on the 14th of that month. Just five days before though, on the 9th, Boosie will face a judge for sentencing related to his October 2008 arrest for third-offense possession of marijuana as well as possession of a firearm with a controlled dangerous substance. The rapper plead guilty to the charges on September 22, 2009 and was sentenced to two years in prison. All this while Hatch is having the best album chart debut ever, landing in the top ten on Billboard’s albums chart. Add to that the fact that he’s a father of six learning to live with early onset diabetes, and you wonder how the young man is able to keep his sanity in spite of it all.

BE Magazine caught up with Lil Boosie and we wont delay, we’ll let you hear it from his own mouth. Is Boosie tryna tame his bad side? You decide.



Lil Boosie Ft. Foxx & Mouse – “Loose As A Goose”

 Lil Boosie (feat. Young Jeezy & Webbie) – “Better Believe It”

2000: Youngest of Da Camp
2003: For My Thugz
2006: Bad Azz
2007: Trill Entertainment Presents: Survival of the Fittest (with Lil’ Boosie, Foxx, Webbie and Trill Fam)
2009: Superbad: The Return of Boosie Bad Azz


Lil Boose


What Does Lil’ Boosie Listen To Relax?

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