Lil Peazy

On My 19th, at Sonar, I was invited to witness the first collaboration of Lil Peazy and Sir Chris Lundy, both local gay artists that brought their individual style when it came to fashion and lyricism. Titling themselves “Chris-P” the duo felt that coming together could create a new style to help both artists stand out in the Baltimore scene.

Lil Peazy is a female lyricist with swag, confident in her stride as she hits the stage to open up for the Queen of Hip Hop, Lil Kim. Starting off accapella she shows that is doesn’t take a beat to make a hot track and the audience took heed. With her slim frame and dreads swinging she introduced a beat into another of her solo tracks commanding the stage, this was only a warm up to what everyone was talking about once the performance was over.

Lil Peazy introduced her high school friend Sir Chris Lundy and “Rock the Microphone” caused automatic hype.  Dressed in personally made jewelry and draped in a head wrap came out Chris Lundy chanting the chorus to the track. Their individual styles immediately connected and brought something new and fresh to its listeners, although I knew exactly where the inspiration came from. This was an influence of black gay culture at its best and I was proud to be a spectator.

After the performance I was given an explanation that proved my hypothesis correct. The artists explained that strong lyrics need a strong background which is what chanting produced. Sir Chris brought the Ball culture into the studio and it created a hot track. The Ball scene is a competitive yet artistic culture in the black gay community. Chanting is something that is done at the events to create audience participation and hype, which is what they accomplished that evening.

The two explained that they were proud to see how their personal influences not only helped each other but allowed them to bring something different to the rap community. Sir Chris explained that “too often our culture and those who identify as gay in general are denied credibility”, so now I give credit where it is due. The two artists came together and produced a track that was done exceptionally well. Lil Peazy gave us lyricism while Sir Chris gave us glam. I wish them both success in making our voice more heard in the rap industry.

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