“Lipstck Dreams: What’s Missing In Yours?”

Don’t you have dreams? Or have they dwindled away because you lost your drive…or maybe you lack the resources to get things moving? Everybody knows what happens to a dream deferred, but no one wants to know first-hand! So why not help me in my campaign to raise money for my dreams! Well, for the photoshoot that is going to put my dreams in motion, that is! In order to get my name and face out there to grab the attention of casting agents, television producers, & magazine editors to pursue acting and lifestyle/commercial modeling, I need a decent portfolio of professional photos from the best of the best in the photography world. Pictures of myself in my bathroom mirror just won’t cut it!!

My goal is to raise $10,000, but it’s not all for me! The most exciting part of my campaign is that I am going to award another deserving dream chaser $2,500 towards their hustle!! I’d much rather share the donations I raise with someone else instead of having them to sleep around for money, shake their behind on YouTube for hits, or post naked pictures of themselves on Facebook for more friends or on Twitter to gain more followers just to create a buzz…all in the name of overnight celebrity! The remaining $7,500 will go towards my shoot: travel expenses, photographer cost, on-location fees, wardrobe styling, hair & make-up services, retouching, comp cards, etc.

Respect the hustle? Great because you can help me…and someone else reach this goal! Any amount, big or small, will be greatly appreciated! My donation site ishttp://www.gofundme.com/a4lbowhere I accept payments via WePay which is no cost to you! I can also be reached atchiketabates@yahoo.com for more details, interview inquires, and other payment arrangements! Or just follow the hustle on Twitter @ChiketaDoll!!!

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