Lisa Wu Hartwell- The REAL Housewife

Who puts the “Real” in Realty TV? Lisa Wu Hartwell of Bravo’s hit show Real Housewives Of Atlanta. Born and raised in Inglewood, CA, with an Asian father and an African-American mother, this studied actress and writer once feared the widespread of Reality TV on her career. With those fears behind her Lisa now celebrates Real Housewives Of Atlanta as being the most watched show on the network, having over 4 million viewers.
An admitted fan of shows such as I Love Money and American Idol, Hartwell believes that Reality TV has influenced today’s culture tremendously, and allows viewers an escape during these tough economic times.

Married to NFL Player Ed Hartwell, this Renaissance woman is definitely providing the show’s balance as her co-stars experience pandemonium on a weekly basis. Lisa is a proud mother of not only EJ, her handsome 2 year old seen on the show, but she is the mother to two sons from her previous marriage which brought her to Atlanta. Real Housewives producers initially chose to conceal the identity of her oldest children, but we may see more of the pre-teens in season 3.

Despite the stardom and the attention the show has been receiving, Lisa is an average girl who remains humble and devoted to inspiring others through her work. Lisa is a successful entrepreneur and a driving force in the entertainment industry continuing to rise and reign. Fans can expect the release of her upcoming book When The Cake Is Already Made to hit stores soon.

The Hartwell’s were recently at the top of the blogsphere & under the drama scope for their “Atlanta Area” mansion BEing forclosed & already sold, but the two have BEen out about snuggled with the little ones everywhere in Atlanta since from hairshows to Atlanta socialite restaurants. A major indication that they are doing just fine & obviously making it do what it must do in their new humble abode.

Real Housewives of Atlanta now premiering Season 2, Thursday nights at 10 p.m. on Bravo.

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