LMFAO – Party Rock

Based off the name alone, you instantly get the notion that LMFAO isn’t your ordinary band! Redfoo and Sky Blu are the duo behind the name and the music, and you can best believe that they are just as bananas as their comedic name; but when it comes to the music, something about this tag team has the clubs and of course the girls going wild!!!

It was more than fate that Foo and Blu came to co-exist. They are a close age uncle-nephew pair that both always had a special ear for music, which has now transformed to a full fledged mission to take over, and what better starting point than to infultrate the clubs. Without ever knowing their stage name LMFAO, it’s evident that Foo and Blu are party animals, which is what their music exudes. They come with a one-two punch that immediately says 1. get a drink & 2. hit the [dance] floor, a formula that not only comes natural for both members of LMFAO, but is also written in their patchwork or counterparts. Foo & Blu grew up alongside William J. Adams, a man that would later be known as will.i.am, founder and front man of the #1 selling group Black Eyed Peas. Of course knowing someone and working with someone are on two completely different plateaus, and while this one could be looked at as fate, LMFAO almost missed out on their opportunity to be signed to will.i.am Music Group. As fate would have it, LMFAO inked the deal that they were looking for and history has been in the making for these rockstars ever since. “We went out to London to sign a deal with Island/Universal, and as the paper work was being worked out we got a call saying there was a deal waiting for us, and not to move on the current deal just yet. We met with Jimmy and Will and eventually signed to Will; which we’re still in Island, just through Interscope. We never stopped looking for a major deal, we just kept our independent mind state.”

In the last year alone, three self-produced and self-distributed LMFAO tracks — “I’m In Miami Bitch,” “Lil’ Hipster Girl” and “Yes” — have become as ubiquitous on the dance floor as any hit by the likes of Rihanna or T.I., while remixes of Fergie’s “Clumsy,” Kanye West’s “Love Lockdown” and Katy Perry’s “Hot ‘N’ Cold,” have lent instant credibility to two guys who’ve turned clowning around into an art form and a business.

It’s all part of an elaborate plan for world domination. No, really. For Foo and Sky, as they refer to each other, what started as a natural collaboration (uncle and nephew, who happen to be close in age, tinkering with drum machines and recording software) with a mix tape thrown in as an afterthought, has evolved into a multi-platform musical movement. With one key mission: live tonight like there’s no tomorrow.

Foo and Sky call it Party Rock, and it’s the name of their debut album, label (via the will.i.am Music Group and Interscope Records), clothing line and general outlook on any given day. “It’s always better to have a party in your life,” explains Foo. “Fun and laughter, the girls, dancing, celebrating… We want to feel the same way walking down the sidewalk as we do on stage.” Which explains an awful lot about their street attire. The guys, who are devout PETA members, favor pimp jackets, oversized glasses (minus the actual glass), faux fur embellishments and the occasional leopard spandex skin tight pants (girls sizes only). If it’s not vintage, then it’s their own Party Rock brand, which Foo and Sky wear exclusively. And their stylish strut seems to be working. “We get way more women now,” says Sky.

In keeping up with true LMFAO spirit, the guys could only attribute their style of music, dress, and comedic edge to a comedian who continues to  pull at the stomach strings with every project. “Man..Eddie Murphy. We get a lot of our style from Eddie, from the way we act and our music. We still rock out to ‘Party All the Time’ like it’s new…” Partying is not only thematic in LMAO’s music, but it’s a lifestyle for these fellas. They want their music to make you feel as good as partying does, so why not bug out and have fun? “We make Party Rock Music…our whole style revolves around joking with your friends and enjoying life.”

Partying obviously has it’s big payoffs! LMFAO has been hand selected by Lady GaGa and Chris Cornell for single remixes, currently has a summer anthem ‘Shots’ with Lil Jon, and are in the packaging process of their debut album “Party Rock”. “Party Rock is the kind of record a band would make on their third album,” Foo deadpans. “It’s gonna be our Thriller — it’s meant to take you away, to escape to this world of fun, dance, sex, craziness, do-what-you-want attitude. It’s our lives.”

You can go cop “Party Rock” on July 7th via will.i.am Music Group/Interscope | www.myspace.com/lmfao

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