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Upon reaching her 25th birthday, Lo Millie found herself going through the infamous “quater-life” crisis most millennials suffer from. She was unsatisfied with her life and was yearning for purpose. She wanted to share with the world something that was specific to me. After months of praying to God ” if you show me exactly what I’m supposed to be doing, I promise I will run 100mph towards it,” she put in a 3-months’ notice at work hoping that would be a signal to the universe that she was serious. January 15, 2013 was her last day at work and as a gift to herself she traveled to Maui shortly afterwards. Using the experience as her version of Eat, Pray, Love. Lo Millie, the Inspirational Explorer was born.

Can’t Stay Put is about not being complacent, not letting life defeat you, always learning, following your dreams, always seeking to a gain a new experience, always evolving, and essentially not staying put! Lo wants to inspire people, especially people of color to travel and step outside of their comfort zones. 1.15.15 marks Lo’s 2.0 year anniversary of quitting her job and being brave enough to follow her dreams. Follow her on her journey. Be inspired.

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Visit her website at cantstayput.com

Please forward all inquiries to karmajonezpr@gmail.com

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